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  1. 265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    Model 3 AWD LR 109,000 miles and I have 89.7% left. I think this is pretty good overall.
  2. Performance Version (Beast Mode)

    They will distinguish them by what happens when you push on the accelerator. Tri-motor also waves bye-bye.
  3. Selling FSD Tri-motor Cybertruck Reservation RN114******

    LMAO for sure. You should pay me (all of us) for wasting our time reading your post. 🤪🤪
  4. Bizarre... no news on status of the waiting list??

    So don’t you know about the Nov 30 launch event which will answer the parameters at least for beginning deliveries? Also when we did the trivial deposit we did see projection for the vehicle and pricing.
  5. Poll: It’s your turn to order. Tri-Motor for $79,900 or Dual for $59,900

    [ Good point it could imply that. Overall getting some of the data I was looking for.
  6. Poll: It’s your turn to order. Tri-Motor for $79,900 or Dual for $59,900

    Assume 2 options: Dual is $59,900 with 350 range and Tri-Motor is $79,900 with 500 mile range.
  7. Not what was promised.

    Ok. Maybe more people drop out. 🤪
  8. At this point, we need a list of all the broken promises! 😉

    I think everyone in front of me should cancel their reservations. Obviously it’s too disappointing to continue !!
  9. you ordered the 500 miles cybertruck, and they launch with the 350 miles, what do you do

    I would like to get the quad (more bad ass) with at least 350 range. My model 3 is down to 275 full range from 310 and other then probably wanting to go more remote in the CT shouldn’t be a challenge to have 350. Maybe a solar panel to feed some juice can make up the difference. I don’t plan to...
  10. Update realistic Cybertruck reservation / order list

    I was at Tesla takeover last weekend in San Luis Obispo. Sandy Munro was asking to buy an early build for tear down. Someone said one guy has 53 orders and another 15. Crazzzzzy. Nice event by the way. Lots of vendors onsight and a good list of speakers including Sandy and Maye Musk. No...
  11. First Cybertruck Produced at Giga Texas Exits Into The Wild Unknown

    I would say you are seeing various reflections. IMHO.
  12. New Naked Cybertruck BIW Pics + Analysis!

    Nice work with the overlay. My money is on retractable window.
  13. Article - With the Cybertruck, Tesla Faces Its Edsel Moment

    Not concerned at all, as the look will continue to grow acceptance over time and the technology satisfaction of the CT will strongly enhance demand.
  14. Side-by-side comparison of prototypes shows how Tesla botched the production redesign process

    I guess you will be canceling your reservation then. 🤔
  15. No Resale Agreement?

    I like your thinking. Reward the devoted not the greedy!!
  16. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    I would offer you some ketchup to eat your phone but saying exactly gives you some level of a future out. My guess is these are very close to final and will be used to make the in process hand build prototypes we hear about. We can all speculate but it is only speculation. Happy New Year.
  17. Tesla reliability and cost of ownership.

    I got 53k miles on my first set of Model 3 tires. Yes smaller and firmer tire but mileage is real with the stock Michelin 18" Primacy Tire. How about you share your wt.s/mile overall from the Trip page. My lifetime is 263 over 92000 Miles. Model Y will be higher but let's see what you have...
  18. Tesla reliability and cost of ownership.

    2018 Model 3 with 91k miles over the 4 years. Most reliable car and lowest cost of maintenance ever. Only put set of tires on at 53k miles and the 12V battery for maintenance. Did the battery at Tesla and was amazed at only $84 installed. What other battery swap would cost less than $220 at...