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  1. New EVs from Toyota

    Some new EVs look very nice, including a truck
  2. Driving ranges investigation

    I wonder if it is true? Tesla under new investigation by DOJ as feds say Elon Musk's cars lied about driving ranges and set up a 'diversion team' to cancel appointments from EV owners who complained Tesla has received subpoenas over, 'personal benefits, related parties, vehicle range and...
  3. Dual Carbon Battery

    Is it a new chunk of optimism from Japan? dual carbon battery is,batteries, operating above four volts.
  4. A bit of paranoia

    A few questions about safety: Does only driver's door or all doors unlock when the driver comes close ? How fast you can lock the door after getting in? Do you have to go through the menus? On what distance from a truck the card/cell open the doors? It is usually recommended to keep door...
  5. Christmas Wishes

    Dear Santa Elon, Many people already asked you to include their wisher in the CT design. Please, please include my modest wishes too. 1. My garage is only 10 cm longer than the CT. Could you program the CT to stop exactly in 5 cm before the rear garage wall without crushing into my...
  6. Additional charging port in front area.

    I would imagine that additional charging port connector in front area of vehicle could help to bring a CT close to a charger even with a trailer attached. The connector could be mounted in a frank to minimize the exterior changes. That layout would be especially convenient in a garage with the...