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  1. Art138

    Delivery Event will start at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST on Thursday

    Does anyone have the link(s) where one can watch the event?
  2. Art138

    Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    There is precedent on the resale precepts…John Cena sold a Ford GT (by special allocation) and Ford took him to court. He settled by donating the profits to charity.
  3. Art138

    Sentry Mode Cyber Owl Screen seen in parked Cybertruck

    So has anyone guessed display screen size? Looks wider than a M3…..hopefully wider!
  4. Art138

    Letting go of my reservation slot

    Why don’t you wait for the production start event and then decide? 100 dollares is not going to break your bank in the mean time.
  5. Art138

    Cybertruck with Smaller Street Tires + New Wheel Covers spotted [Video Added]

    I would not worry about the hubcaps…I am sure there will be plenty of after-market pieces.
  6. Art138

    Reservation Change

    Then, why would early bird reservations have no details but later{after 5 months} across the regions still maintain the orginal detail section?
  7. Art138

    Reservation Change

    I reserved a tri with FSD second day and details are now missing. Interesting that you still see details for the tri.
  8. Art138

    Any more updates on sunvisors?

    Back in 11/19 someone speculated side sun-visors….what do we know about the sun-visors at this time??
  9. Art138

    Tri-Motor Variants of Release Candidates Built? - [9/4/23]

    From the later test vehicles we see dark colors which appears to be more in line with a truck interior environment. It would seem white interior for a work horse would not be in demand. Hope we know by the end of September.
  10. Art138

    Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    America loves novelty….Never owned a truck in my life but I want it as a toy. Filled out the reservation the second day.
  11. Art138

    Need opinions about the front end appearance

    I think they did a great job embedding the head lights into/between the bumper cover….looks very clean.
  12. Art138

    Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T spotted on street (size comparison look)

    Why cancel when all info at this time is speculative…..I would wait for the the September reveal event when specs are announced and then decide.
  13. Art138

    30 CTs Ordered

    Well,he didn’t reply when asked when the pre-orders were placed……that would have validated his assertion better.
  14. Art138

    30 CTs Ordered

    When did you pr-order? If it wasn’t an early bird pre-order you could be in for a long wait.
  15. Art138

    Texas Senator John Cornyn gets seat time in Cybertruck during Giga Texas tour

    Just noticed these front wheel mud flaps. Hopefully they are removalable for off-roading.
  16. Art138

    Tesla: "First Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas! 🤠"

    I was placed on the waitlist Nov 22,2019 (second day?)I believe if you use the formula at one of the order threads your placement is commingled with all Tesla orders. So I would not place much weight on the numbers. I believe it listed me at 140k lol. Maybe someone else on this site can chime in...
  17. Art138

    Tesla: "First Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas! 🤠"

    From what I have read,and seems to be the consensus here is that tri-motors (or quad) and maximum trim levels I.e FSD,and region,and order date will dictate where you are on the list. When did you order? Date?
  18. Art138

    Would you still buy the Cybertruck if it goes up in price by $10K?

    Strange that FSD no longer appears…mine still does: