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  1. Final Cybertruck Production Version: when will we see

    What month will we see final version?
  2. Mass Production - when, if ever

    Forget the low production volumes, when will Tesla start cranking out over 150k or more per year? I’m thinking 2023 at earliest given that we don’t have final design specs yet.
  3. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    What CT news do we anticipate hearing today? Delivery timeline, Giga Austin ahead or behind...thoughts? Please add a final word to describe how you anticipate feeling at end of earnings call....happy or sad!!
  4. Severe Winter Weather

    What, if any testing has been done in severe cold, snowy conditions?
  5. All things factored in

    Ordered the tri motor with all options two weeks ago, given all the variables (cancellations, production output, ordering higher end model) what is rough estimate of delivery year.