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  1. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck offroad tested on mud trails

    Im excited to finally see the cybertruck do some “harder trails”.
  2. Lives2TruckAround

    Can we talk Skid Plates?

    I’ve been wondering about under body protect. The bottom is mainly the skateboard structural battery. Soooo…. what would be the best approach here to protect the under belly? Just reinforce it with more steel? Try out the plastics for slippery-ability? Maybe test out aluminum to protect with...
  3. Lives2TruckAround

    Wheel Lug Pattern?

    I’m the kind of guy that tries to get ready for stuff and buys stuff that has multiple purposes. With that being said, i have a model Y coming soon before the cybertruck. I want to try putting a 17” rim on the Model Y but be able to transfer those wheels to the cybertruck. The bolt pattern is...
  4. Lives2TruckAround

    VOTE Repost: How will you use your CT?

    Just a joke and to get an idea of what some people think. BE sure to add anything I might have missed in the reply section!!! This will be fun.
  5. Lives2TruckAround

    Update VOTE: Should we do a “Cybertruck Lightbar "Wave"?”

    I’ve owned several Jeep’s. Owned a boat..... I want a Ct wave. Should we start a new trend with a new truck community?
  6. Lives2TruckAround

    CT's Airbag Suspension?

    Anybody know if the airbags are going to replace the whole coil over system on the CT or any updates?
  7. Lives2TruckAround

    Robo Taxi Thoughts?

    Watching and listening to all the Robo Taxi hype here and there and I just wanted to get everybody's thoughts on the matter. I'm sure there are pros and cons so don't let my opinion shift your thinking and it's just MY OPINION so don't get all defensive or something to that extent. We are all...
  8. Lives2TruckAround

    Need Some Help/Opinions/Solutions Leasing Before CT

    Hey gang! So I recently ran into car troubles and let me paint you a picture soall of you can throw some ideas out there. 1) I own a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium able to tow (3,500lbs) a 2018 Flagstaff EPro 19 footer (2900 lbs). 2) Was trying to wait till the CT release and delivery but life...
  9. Lives2TruckAround

    Full Costs Everything Owning An EV? Per State?

    What would be the COMPLETE costs throughout the year or months of owning a CyberTruck? If anyone can what would be the Dealership costs plus hidden fees, Monthly insurance costs, license plate costs, and anything else anyone can think of per state? This is just a thread to discuss the...