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  1. Keep the order or Cancel

    After seeing everything.
  2. Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T spotted on street (size comparison look)

    CT looks very small. what do you think?
  3. How do you like the frunk size

    everybody sees the frunk size and discuss is heat. Let's do some survey here. I believe there should be some program manager from Tesla in this forum, so you guys can also see how we think.
  4. STOP excusing for Elon

    been waiting for yesterday earns call foe a month to get some news about ct. but ct is basically ignored from what i can see, delay after delay after delay i dont know why but what confuses me most is why there are THAT many people trying to find excuses for the whole delay? What is a promise...
  5. We need to push Tesla & Elon to speed up the delivery of CT

    Hey guys, I think we all know what happened. it's postponed again, with some wording tricks. Together we need to do something rather than only showing our kindness and understanding again and again. We all love CT, but they should speed up the whole process, the factory building, the design and...
  6. When to install the garage charger for your CT

    Anyone starts doing that? I plan to install it EOY.
  7. Range reduction when towing.

    how much range reduces when I tow with cybertruck, let's say im towing 5000lb. for a traditional truck, I know when I tow something heavy, my mpg reduces a lot. I think this should be same on cybertruck right? Do you want to use cybertruck to tow? how much you tow usually?
  8. Do not like smaller, more level Cybertruck?

    1. I want a raked center line. 2. I want bigger truck. I like how the “old” cybertruck looks. don’t like change. reply and up me if you feel the same way. @Elon come and see what we’re saying right here.