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  1. Elon reveals Cybertruck details / production expectations on Q3 2023 call

    Completely agree… he may be a genius… but he sucks at speaking and presentations.
  2. Official: Cybertruck first deliveries on November 30, 2023!! Production capacity revealed to be >125K

    Good thought but very difficult to operationalize and track.
  3. Cybertruck spotted undergoing testing at proving ground in Shafter, CA -- Oct 17

    Almost every picture shows a proving ground that my Honda accord could easily master!!
  4. 📸 Daily photos: Cybertrucks in outbound lot at Giga Texas -- updated 11/27/23

    People keep indicating that these are to Tesla employee friends and family as actual deliveries… is their really proof of that?
  5. Cybertruck with Smaller Street Tires + New Wheel Covers spotted [Video Added]

    That is all I’m acknowledging… agree with you
  6. Cybertruck with Smaller Street Tires + New Wheel Covers spotted [Video Added]

    They find new ways everyday to make the truck less desirable. Yes fanboys, I know… get out of line and let you move up. Unless there is a lot of “unknown” value, this may be my first pass on a Tesla product!
  7. Cybertruck deliveries to hit 100-120k in 2024 says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

    I wouldn’t want a bulletproof vest that has a few areas where bullets get through…that would be called “not bulletproof”… lol. Of what you say is true, cybertruck is not bulletproof!
  8. CGI: Cybertruck driving in NYC on FDR Drive (Video)

    That’s cgi… look at buildings!!!
  9. 4 wheel steering Cybertruck driving video from Tesla Cyber Rodeo event

    I don’t see the back wheels turning.. is that the expectation?
  10. How many tires fit in Cybertruck bed? 8 according to new sighting photos (2/3/23)! 🛞

    I think the street rims and tires are ugly… I want the ones on original demo
  11. Final Cybertruck Production Version: when will we see

    We haven’t seen final wiper, will headlight above windshield be there, wheel covers available, what mileage options, interior… we haven’t seen it!
  12. Final Cybertruck Production Version: when will we see

    What month will we see final version?
  13. Smaller windshield wiper spotted in latest Tesla Cybertruck video? Also without door handles.

    I want the light back that is above windshield… looks like that is gone…sad
  14. Welcome to 2023, The Year of the Cybertruck (Predictions?)

    clearly the market doesn’t anticipate any cybertruck deliveries in the first half of 2023 given the horrendous stock price. The stock price direction is my marker for pending deliveries. In short, the market doesn’t care about or believe in Elons bullshit anymore so the projected revenue...
  15. When we will see the final design?

    When will they be in showrooms?