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  1. nomadmusk

    Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    Seeing as how the BAW was the only concept I saw on display at the Cyber Rodeo, I think we need to send Elon some wiper ideas. It's a shot in the dark that he'll see it, but all employees can email Elon directly. If anyone has a good video or a well thought out engineering blueprint for their...
  2. nomadmusk

    GigaTexas Cybertruck Revelations

    Watching live TTN Zack and Jessie coverage They got rumor from the kilowatts that the cybertruck's rear window drops and that the Midgate is confirmed. No photos until event so just keep you fingers crossed. Figured we should start a thread for what channels on the ground are seeing.
  3. nomadmusk

    Rumored ventilated seats for 3/Y on official manual. Sounds like a technology bandwagon guarantee.

    May have been done in error but looks pretty legit to me. Just thought I'd share the possible good news since a lot of people were demanding the feature. I don't see why it wouldn't make its way to the truck by release.
  4. nomadmusk

    Psst... The Tesla belt buckle is in stock. Don't tell nobody!

    Not sure for how long before the scalpers hit but I got mine. Not sure if the post is appropriate but the lifestyles are so hard to get a hold of. Dec 30 4:30 AM pst.