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  1. rodmacpherson

    Autonomous bus in Ontario Canada runs into tree Bus attendant in hospital (non-Tesla)

    Obviously this has nothing to do with Tesla and their FSD, but expect to hear about this as FSD is the first thing people think of when talk turns to autonomous vehicles...
  2. rodmacpherson

    Good news for CT reservation holders in Canada

    Canada is considering revising the EV rebate program to include SUVs and Pickups coming out in 2022 and beyond. The current federal rebate in Canada has a dollar value cutoff that would not allow any current EV SUVs or upcoming SUVs or pickups to qualify. They are looking at expanding...
  3. rodmacpherson

    Charging station for home/work

    Lots of people talk in these and Facebook forums about how they feel they will need something really powerful to charge their truck when they get it. I am just feeling out how common the feeling is that you will NEED to have something super fast and powerful for day to day charging.
  4. rodmacpherson

    Outdoorsman edition

    I probably wouldn't wrap mine, but I do kind of like the look in a Mossy Oak style photo camo.