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  1. Gurule92

    Official Cybertruck Accessory Store is live!! Tailgate ramp, crossbar, Basecamp tent, vehicle wrap, Franz ball decal and more 🛒
  2. Gurule92

    Cybertruck delivery event a flop? (Rolling stone with the knives out!)
  3. Gurule92

    What's your event stream setup?

    For those not cool enough to get an invite to the event, what's your setup? I'm on my 42 inch LG C2 OLED with the screen split 5 ways "working"! Personal computer running watchers for certain tesla pages. Laptop running experiments for second job. And bumping some Electro Swing!
  4. Gurule92

    Show off you Cyber Thursday (Cybertruck Day) outfit!

    Admittedly I have some ironing to do or something but here's mine. WBU? Who has the belt buckle?
  5. Gurule92

    Security is pretty lax at Giga Texas lol

    EV Dave made it to austin and just decided to go out to giga texas to go CT hunting. Check it out
  6. Gurule92

    Cybertruck Detailing! + Showroom units are going to customers?

    Okay, so these guys are talking CT detailing. Sounds like the internal Tesla stuff sucks. (Cyberwash) I guess Littleton used isopropyl alcohol lol I guess it scratches and swirls pretty easily. That glossy finish makes stuff stand out more. Littleton truck: vin 1208 (they said it will be...
  7. Gurule92

    Huge milestone!!

    Let's gooo!!
  8. Gurule92

    Front camera washer?

    Hooray Credit: Weibo (via YYDS on X) Tesla appears to be rolling out a front camera washer button and a number of other features with its next software update, as spotted over the weekend. Code sleuth and close...
  9. Gurule92

    Who wants some more of the same Littleton Colorado Cybertruck pics?!

    I know I do lol so here are mine! I went to the littleton store today. It was a whole thing so when I'm at my PC I'll update this with the story. But here's the pics. At least they updated the spelling lol Edit: Okay, so here is the story. TLDR: Had to fight to get my fam to go to denver...
  10. Gurule92

    Cybertruck showroom tracker (

    If you find a CT update this! If you want to see one check to see if your store is on here
  11. Gurule92

    2 Year Cybertruck Review

    I know... It's a late review. I guess I lost track of time. But I wanted to take a second to let you guys know what it's been like to own a CT since September 2021. Back story: As some of you may know, I sold my Model 3 in Mach 2021. I was planning to save up for CT because it was planned to...
  12. Gurule92

    Maybe this is enough mud for the mud bros

    Probably not but I'll post it anyway. From Brad Sloan
  13. Gurule92

    Buena Park, CA Tesla store has a Cybertruck displayed -- walkaround video with "measurements"

    Check it out I guess there is a special cleaning solution?
  14. Gurule92

    Cybertruck raffle is back!!

    I'm just going to ignore the fact that I still don't know who won the last one. But it's 1000 points now. Tesla should let you buy referral credits. Like a top up. If you're a little short. (Just in general not for this specifically)
  15. Gurule92

    Frunk close button in action & location

    Sorry if this was already posted but I didn't have time to do my due diligence lol You can see the button to close the frunk in this clip. I'm not sure if we've seen this before or not but figured I'd share. This pic from another thread has a good look at the buttons
  16. Gurule92

    EV Dave is vlogging his journey to the delivery event

    I've literally never watched this guys channel but it's gonna help me live vicariously through the people who are going to the event. If you're an obsessed nerd like me, check it out lol For those who don't know what road tripping in a Tesla is like, this might be a good series to check out
  17. Gurule92

    The Rock and Joe Rogan talk Cybertruck

    Only saw it because of Teslarati but hearing joe describe how it's better in person makes me even more excited. Cause I think it's awesome on video.
  18. Gurule92

    (Poll) What state are you going to register your CT in?

    It's almost here! Time for statistics. Maybe this will tell us how they will prioritize regional delivery? lol Okay, we know where they have been, but where will they go? Where are you going to register? (Could be different from where you will live lol) Reservation data from tracker
  19. Gurule92

    So you didn't get the invite.. (To the launch event)

    You checked your email and youre a part of the sadder truck squad. What do you do now?