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  1. I receive an email from Tesla!

    …and it is just an email blast stating 13 plus million pounds of CO2 was prevented by driving Teslas. I thought is was an important email about my CT reservation.
  2. Drove off in the wrong Tesla

    The story: 5:55a ET 3/14/2023 - Benzinga Tesla Mix-Up: Vancouver Man Accidentally Unlocks Wrong Model 3 Using App And Drives Off In It Mentioned: TSLA A Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3 owner from Vancouver, British Columbia, reportedly drove off in a Tesla car that did not belong to him...
  3. Pen achieved!

    Nickname assigned… Cybertruck Alpha
  4. Cannot make this up: Wyoming subset attempt to ban electric vehicles in the state
  5. ULTIMATE Cybertruck accessory
  6. Why is Tesla in the lead in for the article. Two adults survive Tesla plunges 250 feet off California Cliff?
  7. I arranged early Cybertruck delivery. (I am supposed to keep secret)

    Through nepotism, bribery and outright begging... I received early delivery of my Pre-production Cybertruck. Note: I misplaced a tape measure so I used a common object to prove the 6.5 foot bed.
  8. Autopilot is a 6k upgrade

    I just perused Tesla’s ordering page and autopilot is shown as a 6k upgrade. Still 12k for full. Maybe already known but, I just crawled out from under my rock.
  9. 4-20 quarterly earnings call

    Might as well start rumor/expectations. 1000:1 stock split dolled out as 2:1 split every 3 months according to @Ogre ‘s dastardly plan. I am not expecting anything earth shattering but would not mind being surprised with positive news.
  10. F 150 lightning launch event 4-26 Glad to see progression
  11. Jeep Magneto will be keeping an eye on this one to see if specs and price are interesting.
  12. She’ll EV subscription plans in Germany Different article Tesla Subscriptions: Shell has an electric vehicle subscription program. Among the vehicles offered in the subscription program are Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) vehicles, including the...
  13. TSLA investing strategy with Elon’s tweets

    Step 1. Sell all stock immediately after Elon Musk sends a 4:20 tweet Step 2. Buy TSLA 5 hours after a 4:20 Tweet Step 3. Brag about your sophisticated NDA investing strategy Note: A 4:20 tweet can be sent at any time over a 24 hour period. 5 hours timer begins after market opens.
  14. GM’s Super Bowl commercial, where’s Tesla’s?

    Entertaining, light on substance. Nostalgia.
  15. Awesome DIY front center seat replacement or overpriced nightstand
  16. Told auto extended warranty never ending call I own a 2023 CT when asked make and model…

    …they hung up on me ? I am also hung up upon by the Covid Solar rebates. I believe offered by King George Bush from Nigeria. The panic on the person’s voice when I state the call is be recorded for quality assurance makes answering the phone fun. I also ask from time to time their tax ID...
  17. Starlink satellite launch

    If you have not seen this, be prepared to be sucked in for thirty minutes. Chat overlay was a bit annoying for me.
  18. FUD never rests

    Turning a fatal accident into fear pieces. Applefeed, Washington Post Opinion story