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  1. TheLastStarfighter

    Marker Lights I Never Noticed...

    In all this time, I have never noticed this, nor have I seen anyone say it on here, despite a million threads on the Cybertruck size (and counting). We've seen the amber width marker lights in the grill on at least one prototype, but how did we miss them on the roof of the original prototype...
  2. TheLastStarfighter

    Matthew DR Videos (Beta Cybertruck Measurements coming soon...)

    Cybertruck video presumably to follow in the next few days... So Matthew Donegan-Ryan was at Investor Day. He said he got to chat with Zhu and had some interesting comments. He also said he got to talk to various other execs, and (obviously) saw the Cybertruck in person. He said he will post...
  3. TheLastStarfighter

    Master Plan 3 Coming March 1 on Investor Day

    I think this presentation is going to have lots of info, Cybertruck included. Can't wait!
  4. TheLastStarfighter

    Tesla Semi Launch Event Dec 1

    So, Tesla is having their first launch even in a while Dec 1 where they will send off the first Semi's. While the Semi is a big deal for investors, industry and reducing global emissions, it's a bit boring for the general car fan. I think that's why they threw in the Roadster last time in a...
  5. TheLastStarfighter

    UPP Teases Early Cybertruck, Wheels Tesla Tuner Unplugged Performance teases some cool new wheels for the CT, with the line "arriving sooner than expected". They've become tight with Tesla...
  6. TheLastStarfighter


    Board changed mind, accepted offer. Are you Happy? Sad? Don't care?
  7. TheLastStarfighter

    Tri-Motor Delay?

    The Model S Plaid + has been delayed to "Mid-2022". According to the article (and common sense), the Plaid+ will be the first S to use the new batteries. I suspect the tri-motor CT will also use the new batteries (Elon...