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  1. Ehninger1212

    OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    lmao... wow.. what a joke.. Im out.. I can buy a used Pickup and a shit load of gas for those prices.. (n)
  2. Ehninger1212

    Rumor: 'Cybertruck Whisperer' Banned from Delivery Event

    the outfit picture is mildly disturbing.. why do we need to know what underwear you will have on..
  3. Ehninger1212

    Delivery Event will start at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST on Thursday

    I'll definitely be "Sick" during that hour.
  4. Ehninger1212

    Cypress Houston Texas Delivery Center has a Cybertruck! (19820 Hempstead Hwy, Houston)

    I want to go see this so bad.. but at the same time I'm not going too. I'll get way to excited and be way to willing to fork over 10's of thousands of dollars at whatever the hell interest rate just to get it.. and that just not great financially :LOL:.
  5. Ehninger1212

    Photos: water leak testing + latest front castings (11/8/23)

    Its Tesla and Elon Making a statement "we dont need no stinkin badges" Its their way of saying.. you can only tell the other trucks apart by the logo.
  6. Ehninger1212

    Actual Off-Road Testing: climbing & descending (@ Hollister Hill RSVA - 10/23/23)

    Land rovers just kinda rule.. I have an 05 LR3 that really just dominates its class of vehicle off road. I bought it thinking I'm might sacrifice some off road worthiness for some comfort. Boy was i wrong haha. That being said, the Cybertruck is clearly wider, longer and probably 2k-3klbs heavier.
  7. Ehninger1212

    Cybertruck deliveries to hit 100-120k in 2024 says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

    Cybertruck 2? the hell? we dont even have cybertruck 1 yet bro.
  8. Ehninger1212

    Cybertruck off-roading in Baja (live streamed by Tesla)!

    Oh true, no doubt its pretty sweet to see the make the trip down there.. get in some testing and then hopefully safely back to Texas. Far more than 99.9% of buyers will ever do.
  9. Ehninger1212

    Cybertruck off-roading in Baja (live streamed by Tesla)!

    Exactly.. they passed a 2wd Tacoma and some sort of modern el camino thing.. this is a dirt road haha.
  10. Ehninger1212

    Mexico Pics: Cybertrucks w/ roof rack accessories (Starlink & recovery boards) and bed vault haul (spare, air tank, recovery rope)

    now THIS is sick. I cant wait to see footage from whatever it is they are doing.
  11. Ehninger1212

    Videos of Cybertruck towing SpaceX rocket engine!! 🦾

    oh wow... much tow, so impress.
  12. Ehninger1212

    Cybertruck top speed acceleration from stop light! 🚀 Don't blink! 😳

    OH BOY... ANOTHER CYBERTRUCK SIGHTING. *forced smile and excitement.