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  1. What happened to our [old] reservation numbers in this new world of AWD and Beast?

    Other than the location of the customer, the original trim and config play a role as well, in call sequence. Confirmed with the sales at Santana Row.
  2. RBC analyst predicts 20% reservation conversion rate

    Some of us, as early adpoters of cyber cell, pave the way to 4680 success. All glory to us guinea pigs. At least some chemical adjustment is expected in a year or two.
  3. RBC analyst predicts 20% reservation conversion rate

    Still on the fence, once I figure out the estimated life cycle of current 4680 I will make a call.
  4. RBC analyst predicts 20% reservation conversion rate

    The main miss is battery projection. Elon had high hopes that after the dry process was well executed, 4680 cells would lift and support all trims of MY M3. Also, the forecast on MY and M3 was a huge miss as well, otherwise, we would have CT delivered way sooner. When everyone in the company is...
  5. Converting my Dual Motor purchase to $61k RWD. Doing the same?

    If Cyberbeast is fully or close to fully equipped then I will go with this trim otherwise will take AWD.
  6. Current actual owners of Cybertruck --- Can you show us the following

    +1 want to see what is in that rear flob
  7. Marques Brownlee review

    Not a production model. Again, after all, I was 80-90% correct across all predictions made here.
  8. We not gonna talk about the baseball?

    He lost one of test balls somewhere between 2019 and 2023. But at least he demoed how to keep a job by repeating the same trick after 4 years. There is some brilliance.
  9. 4680 Battery Tech: Can OTA Update Improve Efficienty / Range?

    Efficiency and charging curve could be improved through OTA update
  10. Cyberbeast logo and Foundation Series graphics on today's delivered Cybertrucks

    You can buy a custom sticker like that on Temu, for $2
  11. Charging 250kw

    It is also interesting that All wheel charges faster than Beast.
  12. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    Buy All-Wheel for now, get a much better Cyberbeast in 3-4 years. No extender is required by that time.
  13. Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    If shooting for long range, you could do Ramcharger as well
  14. Keep the order or Cancel

    I am just happy that all leads who fed me information regarding price and spec are as close to the truth as possible.
  15. 800Volt Cybertruck Architecture recap. What does it mean?

    Need a V4 locator enabled in Tesla app or google map.
  16. The specs I dream about. Now or never.

    At this point, I wish for No more bending front control arm after off-roading in production CT.