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  1. Saskateam

    Wire Eating Rats

    We use these sonic mouse deterrent at work and they do work great.
  2. Saskateam

    Why Elon Thinks Cybertruck Suspension 'Game Changing'. (My Newest Video)

    Well you can sit in a while for 2 years and when you come out we will have some facts. Until we have all the information we can only guess. This is an educated guess and well reasoned. We all think the CT will be awesome however we do not know it as fact. Yet we all put money down and constantly...
  3. Saskateam

    Range loss in cold weather

    Tesla started as a luxury brand and it is following them now. The CT is comparably priced to an other truck. The M3 is good value and comparably priced to many brands. On $20,000 or $63,000 a year, new vehicles are a stretch, either ICE or EV. If an EV has a higher price tag up front, but you...
  4. Saskateam

    Powerwall 2 in vault of Cybertruck...easy range upgrade.

    Tesla built some of their first vehicles with easy swap batteries and had automated switching stations. No one used them. The batteries charge fast enough from the supercharger network to handle all the needs so far. The most expensive part of an EV is the battery. I am not going to purchase a...
  5. Saskateam

    Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    I am aware of the fact the HMMWV was a military vehicle before it became a civilian vehicle. What I am getting at is the operating cost of the vehicle are high. Gas mileage, vehicle maintenance and insurance are not free on it. It is also not the most practical daily driver based on the size of...
  6. Saskateam

    T-slots in bed of vault

    Even if it is waterproof at the time of construction it may not stay that way. It does have underbed storage and frunk that are easier to make and keep waterproof.
  7. Saskateam

    Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    Well a Hummwv is a great looking and functioning vehicle. You just need the budget to budge it. What it would cost as a daily driver would hold me back. You need Arnold’s money to drive it. The CT should be the closest thing on the road that would let you get the reaction you are talking about...
  8. Saskateam

    Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    I do not think the new Hummer EV will have the same impact as the CT when seen driving by.
  9. Saskateam

    T-slots in bed of vault

    Set up like loading a quad and then pressure wash. Use the built in air compressor and blow out the channel you need to tie down too. I don’t think it will be to bad to deal with.
  10. Saskateam

    Range loss in cold weather

    It is not a straight conversation for buying in Canada to the US market. Tesla needs to set a price that it thinks they can sell their vehicle in that market. It is close to the exchange rate however incentives, taxes, and infrastructure will also play a role in the final price for the Canadian...
  11. Saskateam

    Range loss in cold weather

    All electric cars lose range with temperature but so do ICE cars. It is only temporary and will be better again when warm. Battery size and charge speed is the best way to overcome this issue. The bigger the battery the more capacity it has to run the thermal management and warm the batteries...
  12. Saskateam

    Cybertruck interior color and quality

    I use the 120v plug in my vehicle all the time. Charge my computer and kids game systems. I have even ran a palm sander with it on a public bench I built. I really hope there is a 120v plug in the cab.
  13. Saskateam

    New feature ideas

    Exposure does not directly equate to increased risk. Likelyhood and severity are better measures of risk. I drive 50,000km a year for work, have done so for 15 years. My driving record is clean and at fault accident free. I have been backed into 2 time by people who drive a small amount...
  14. Saskateam

    Hail proof ?

    The CT may not be hail proof but it will be more hail resistant then any other vehicle. I think we are in line for more fierce storms with higher damage to public infrastructure. The CT will be the choice vehicle to handle the effects of climate change.
  15. Saskateam

    A friend hits you where it hurts!

    The best render I have seen yet.
  16. Saskateam

    CyberTruck Hitch Camera?

    Trailer docking should be easy for software to do for a straight backup to the trailer. Drop air. Backup and align hitch to trailer connection. Continue backing to the right location using sensors and cameras. Get to proper location, stop, raise air and wait for the human to finish the...
  17. Saskateam

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    It would be funny to have bubbles come out of the stacks.
  18. Saskateam

    Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    How useful will the CT be for bringing wine home. Locked vault with climate control. Keep it the right temp and it will be ready to drink as soon as you get home.
  19. Saskateam

    Vandalism concerns

    And in a small town everyone knows everyone and their business. You cannot get away with anything in a small town.