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  1. AlexD

    Cybertruck specs and pricing announcement when?

    When are we going to hear: 1. What specifications are included? 2. What is the pricing? 3. What is the range? 4. What is the performance? Why is this a secret?
  2. AlexD

    Will there be a destination charge on Factory pick-ups?

    I plan to pick up my Cybertruck at the factory in Austen if this is permitted. I have just finished reading an article written by Brian Cooley of the Driveshow on the iniquitous "New car destination charge" in the USA. According to this article, the auto industry charges a flat fee in excess of...
  3. AlexD

    Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    I have been monitoring You Tube videos on Teslas towing and whilst they have all the power in the world to actually tow, their range goes out the door. Power consumption goes north of 700w/mile resulting in the effective range being reduced down to around 1/3 of the non-towing range. They are...