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  1. Bill906

    I'm going to rent a Model 3. Any suggestions?

    I do not own an EV. I have some, but limited experience with them. I found Hertz would rent me a standard range Model 3 for $300 for the week and decided to rent it this week. I plan on doing my regular 280 mile trip back to my family for Easter so I'm already looking at all the Supercharger...
  2. Bill906

    Any of you Southern Californians heard of Salton Sea? Sounds promising...

    I realize it may be a bit premature to start celebrating our Lithium worries are over, but this video does sound promising. This toxic lake has enough lithium to supply US electric vehicles for decades (CNN)
  3. Bill906

    Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    I am currently single and live by myself. I have one vehicle. I know there have been other similar threads like this asking if the CT will be their "main" vehicle, but I'm wondering if any of you have experience of having an EV as your only vehicle. I've considered keeping my Grand Cherokee...
  4. Bill906

    Any Saturday Night Live fans in the group?

    Elon Musk will host SNL in May. Yes, THAT Elon Musk (CNN)Live from New York, it's ... Elon Musk? In one of the more surprising announcements in the recent history of "Saturday Night Live," the NBC variety show said Saturday that its next host will be Musk, the eccentric CEO of Tesla and one of...