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  1. Mini2nut

    Cyberbeast Letdown

    I’m am pretty confident that many who claim they are passing on the Cybertruck and received the “configure your Cybertruck” e-mail this week from Tesla would reconsider purchasing.
  2. Mini2nut

    Purchase Price and Insurance Sticker Shock

    I’ve read that a Model X is roughly 2x to insure than a Model Y. Here are some rough insurance premiums for the Model X: Company Average Annual Premium State Farm $1,850 Travelers $2,406 Progressive $2,513 GEICO $2,518 Nationwide $2,610 Allstate $4,060 Farmers $4,187
  3. Mini2nut

    Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    My hunch is that steer-by-wire has delayed the rollout of FSD on the Cybertruck.
  4. Mini2nut

    No Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filtration?

    For anybody who suffers with allergies during the spring/summer HEPA filtration is a godsend while driving. Sooty, smelly diesel exhaust is another.
  5. Mini2nut

    New Diecast Cybertruck in Tesla Shop

    I am curious of the SS bed still exists under the production truck bed liner.
  6. Mini2nut

    New Diecast Cybertruck in Tesla Shop

    I agree, but a pitcher of Tesla Kool-Aid is still in my refrigerator😁 I also purchased the shattered window graphic.
  7. Mini2nut

    Solar Cover, Lightbar (Hella), and Cyber Shop Confirmed for Cybertruck!

    For the solar panel option I'm envisioning a low profile multiple panel system that's attached and lockable to the bed area via a bed rack mounting system. Once parked the bed length solar panel would be unlocked and two additional solar "wings" could be unfolded for a total of three solar...
  8. Mini2nut

    Purchase Price and Insurance Sticker Shock

    Don't forget the folding solar wings that Tesla will be offering in the future. It supposedly adds around 40 miles of range.
  9. Mini2nut

    With recent cancellations, I hope the Beast CT preorders shrink drastically

    I believe Tesla will be making 1,000 Founder Series Cyberbeast CT's.
  10. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck Engineering Innovations - Great Summary

    I found it interesting how they bend the SS panels. In an interview Tesla said the panel is laid over an air hockey type of production machinery. I would love to see the process in action.
  11. Mini2nut

    Selling my Toyota for the Cybertruck

    AWD or Cyberbeast?
  12. Mini2nut

    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    “Normal” reservation holders probably won’t see AWD/Tri configuration e-mails until sometime in Q1 of 2024. Tesla May bump up RWD production sooner or lower AWD/Tri prices if they find the reservation conversion rate is only 20% as predicted by some experts.
  13. Mini2nut

    Purchase Price and Insurance Sticker Shock

    I see the Rivian R1T as a direct competitor to the AWD Cybertruck. The Dual Motor R1T with the large battery runs around $80k as well. I know which one I want in my driveway.
  14. Mini2nut

    Steer-by-wire. Cybertruck’s 2nd best feature besides SS exterior

    I remember when local Chevy dealers advertised $12k off those trucks. It was a sales disaster.
  15. Mini2nut

    No Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filtration?

    Excellent news. Thanks!
  16. Mini2nut

    RWD $60.9K vs. $59.9K

    As for the battery pack all 3 trim levels are identical. 123 kWh is what has been reported. Most likely identical for economies of scale reasons. My guess is that the 250 range in the RWD version was limited by some software coding.
  17. Mini2nut

    No Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filtration?

    It was never mentioned during the presentation. I know it takes up valuable real estate under the short frunk but would like know the facts.
  18. Mini2nut

    Compressed air attachment in the truck bed

    I believe it was axed on the production truck.
  19. Mini2nut

    Might convert my Dual Motor reservation to RWD. Doing the same?

    Crissa, still following through with your reservation?
  20. Mini2nut

    Stainless steel thickness not 3mm but UP TO 1.8mm thick. Still stop bullets from .45-cal Tommy gun and Special Forces 9mm MP5 machine pistol

    So the doors and quarter panels are now roughly as thick as one quarter, or 1.75 mm, not 2 quarters. Still pretty impressive for a production vehicle. The virtually door ding and rust proof SS exterior was my #1 reason for reserving a Cybertruck. The amazing RWS and steer-by-wire features...