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  1. Newton

    New Tesla Sipping Glasses in Tesla shop sipping Glasses! for you favorite beverage!. actually looks cool.
  2. Newton

    another Elon interview [closed due to politics]

    Just another Elon interview, still listening
  3. Newton

    3mm Cybertruck bottle opener

    EDIT//// All gone. I finally finished making a couple cold rolled stainless bottle openers from the metal I used for testing on. I thought it could be a useful, simple thing to physically have in order to feel what the metal of the truck will be like. I made an etsy to sell them if any1...
  4. Newton

    FSD beta in snow-ish

    iv been wondering how the FSD will deal with snow and otherwise bad road conditions. this little video from a youtuber DirtyTesla shows the beta is doing just ok on recently plowed roads. overall im kinda impressed, clearly it had issues and there's tons of work to be done on the software...
  5. Newton

    Waiting for Tesla van...

    So, on the earnings call Elon said they will be making a van at some point... this is what I REALLY want... the CT was kind of a stop-gap for that. now that its a certainty I might be just waiting for that, 5 years is my guess... had a dream about it a week or so ago, I guess its something I...
  6. Newton

    camera side mirror on leaf

    Testing out replacing my side mirrors with cameras. So far it's great, easier too see at night throught my tinted front windows and in rain (unless the camera gets too wet,will eventually enclose it.) I'll put 1 on the other side too, to see if it increases efficiency.(as I hear side mirrors...
  7. Newton

    cyber car (not really)

    found this babey out in bakersfield a while ago. looking at it now I could imagine it as a tiny cybercar (its built on a honda crx) you probably cant see it, but on the back it says 58-100 mpg
  8. Newton

    Cybertruck News From Battery Day: A/C Controls in Bed Possible and 200k-300k Annual Production Estimate

    only, they will almost certainly put a/c in the bed/vault area. and production will try to be 200-300k vehicles per year, i think thats all. also they are using different battery chemistrys for different products, so ct and semi will use the best basically, high cycle life, high range. Here's...
  9. Newton

    Tesla dojo, FSD timeline

    I typically have been saying a timeline of 7-10 years for fsd. Based on where were at (not just Tesla). 2 years for limited area specific routes. BUT I didn't know about this Dojo project which is aparently a supercomputer tesla is making. I'm thinking they will have news about it at the...
  10. Newton

    2024 total eclipse @giga Austin?

    Im not exactly sure where the Austin factory will be. but the path of the eclipse goes through Austin. Elon did say it would be open to the public. Party @giga-Austin 4-8-2024!? :( apparently the factorys isnt in the path of the eclipse
  11. Newton

    interesting visual

    I was filling up petrol gas cans today, made me think... these 5, 5 gallon cans are equal to 25gallons×45mpg(in this prius) 1125 miles Or basically the equilevent of about 4 tesla battery packs. Funny, interesting thought to me. I doubt batteries will ever get that energy dense, and I...
  12. Newton

    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    I have been wondering a couple things, mostly how hot the CT will get in direct sun all day. (Also just thought of will it elongate or do temps need to be higher for that?) UPDATE 12x12inch plate in sun for about 3-4 HOURS @ about 85F outside temp... stock finish getting to about 150F mirrored...
  13. Newton

    protestors outside fremont factory

    Hey all, just wanted to see what people think about it. People are protesting about getting fired because they dont feel safe going back to work. I live near fremont and know people who work there, it's long hours, hard work, for little pay(for the area). I'm of the thought that if people are...
  14. Newton

    Charging directly from solar panels

    Hey all, I'm thinking of making a simple fold out 4 panel system that will sit on top of the bed slope. for when I take trips deep into the woods. my questions are: -Will I need a battery buffer between the panels and inverter that the 120v tesla charger will plug into? Like if a cloud passes...
  15. Newton

    What about floating?

    Elon says CT will float a bit. That doesn't really mean much because all cars float a bit before sinking. but what I'f its actually very water tight? But I have always wanted a floating truck... top gear style... basically 55gal drums stacked around the outside of the truck. I figure with CT...
  16. Newton

    anyone else want a camera-less truck?

    I'm wondering what people think about having a always connected vehicle with cameras everywhere on/in it. I would prefer having no cameras because I enjoy driving and would only test out the self driving as a fun little thing every once in a while. It seems like a waste of money (albeit...