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  1. CyberSleuth

    Let's design the $49k Cybertruck

    Since Tesla didn't do it, let's play pretend. What features would you keep, remove or add from the new finalized model to bring the Cybertruck's price down to $49,000? Keep: Stainless steel body Armored glass Automated vault cover Steer by wire 340 mile range Turning radius Remove (cost...
  2. CyberSleuth

    Stainless steel thickness not 3mm but UP TO 1.8mm thick. Still stop bullets from .45-cal Tommy gun and Special Forces 9mm MP5 machine pistol

    Not all variants?! Is only the $100k model bulletproof? (unless you're shot in the same place twice apparently)
  3. CyberSleuth

    Jason Camissa's Cybertruck Review Video & Podcast -- A MUST WATCH

    Love when he casually backs into the refrigerator. 🤣
  4. CyberSleuth

    Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    But, but... that's where the spare tire goes!
  5. CyberSleuth

    Official Cybertruck Accessory Store is live!! Tailgate ramp, crossbar, Basecamp tent, vehicle wrap, Franz ball decal and more 🛒

    Here are a couple screenshots from the crossbar manual, if anyone still cares. 🤣 Multiple mounting options:
  6. CyberSleuth

    I was wrong

    I'm with you. I'm still reeling from the sticker shock too. It's a disappointing day.
  7. CyberSleuth

    Keep the order or Cancel

    Is there any history of Tesla dropping prices for newer models within the first 2 years? If so, how much?
  8. CyberSleuth

    Cybertruck Delivery Event LIVE STREAM Link & Viewing Party! 🥳 -- Post photos, reactions & comments 💬

    We've had more CT info in the past 30 minutes than the past 3 years. 🤤
  9. CyberSleuth

    Cybertruck Menu Controls (Dynamics, Towing & Hauling, and Outlets & Mods) seen in video

    Look at it MOVE!! I can't wait for Mat's review
  10. CyberSleuth

    Cybertruck Production Line First Look!! 🙀

    It's happening!
  11. CyberSleuth

    "Tomorrow..." Official Tesla Teaser For Cybertruck Delivery Event

    I didn't know they were making another sequel to Prometheus 👍
  12. CyberSleuth

    Final guesses for what the F-150 and Tundra wrapped CTs are for

    Remember these? Do you think we'll see them again tomorrow? If so, how will they be explained/used?
  13. CyberSleuth

    Turning Radius demonstration via figure 8s on a Heli-Pad

    Wow. 😱 It's the chocolate frosted edition Cybertruck.
  14. CyberSleuth

    Tesla App Decompiled - Cybertruck Programmimg

    🤩🤩🤩 And I had given up hope for a solar option!
  15. CyberSleuth

    Tesla Announces Details for Cybertruck Delivery Event It's extra official now.
  16. CyberSleuth

    Last minute price prediction challenge

    $54,990 dual $64,990 tri