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  1. Mini2nut

    No Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filtration?

    It was never mentioned during the presentation. I know it takes up valuable real estate under the short frunk but would like know the facts.
  2. Mini2nut

    Steer-by-wire. Cybertruck’s 2nd best feature besides SS exterior

    I think that the CT’s second best feature other than the SS exterior is the unique steer-by-wire technology. No other pickup sold in America employs it. 170 degrees to the maximum turn is pretty amazing. The Cybertruck is the 3rd production vehicle sold in America to use it. SBW combined with...
  3. Mini2nut

    Might convert my Dual Motor reservation to RWD. Doing the same?

    I initially reserved the Dual Motor trim but I am entertaining switching to the $61k RWD trim. Even though I can afford to purchase the AWD version I just can’t justify spending $80k on a depreciating asset such as a vehicle. Adding a few tasty options plus sales tax and registration would...
  4. Mini2nut

    I predict many Cybertruck refund requests

    With official pricing announced today I predict Tesla will be a bit shocked at the number of $100 Cybertruck refund requests coming their way in the next few weeks. Thousand and thousands had their CT dream deflated today after seeing the HUGE price increases from 4-years ago. EST. $60,990...
  5. Mini2nut

    Washer for front bumper camera on Cybertruck
  6. Mini2nut

    Bulletproof window option announcement on Thursday?

    Possibly an option according to this article. If offered they would not have the ability to be rolled down.
  7. Mini2nut

    Bottom side of Cybertruck body-in-white BIW with Giga castings attached

    I don’t think I have seen this view before. It shows the giga casting details on the underside. The body was in the metal scrap pile at Giga TX. I’m pretty confident that competitors are salivating to tear down and reverse engineer the Cybertruck. The novel construction design has never been...
  8. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck demo / promotional video vs. Porsche 911 and Lightning for delivery event?

    Two Python Green (?) Porsche 911’s and Lightning were noticed… Giga Texas parking lot show Tesla readying 3 vehicles for a Cybertruck comparison video. As you can see from the picture below, these are two green Porsche 911s and a blue Ford F-150 Lightning...
  9. Mini2nut

    No door handles on the Cybertruck

    The Cybertruck will be devoid of any type of handles for opening. No door handles, tailgate handle or frunk handle. It’s the first ever for a production vehicle that I know of. I will be curious to see how Cybertruck owners open the drivers door. Will the app sense your approach and...
  10. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck engineers bend upper control arm in testing Compared to a F150 Raptor the pressed steel upper control arm looks flimsy. Not sure if this is the production part however.
  11. Mini2nut

    Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $79,900?

    For “Dual Motor” reservation holders only. We are just over a month away from the official pricing announcement for the Cybertruck trim levels. If a standard battery pack Dual Motor Cybertruck MSRP’s for $79,900 are you still following through with your purchase?
  12. Mini2nut

    Another article spreading Cybertruck FUD

    This time it‘s about Cybertruck delays due to the weight of the SS skin and battery range…
  13. Mini2nut

    Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    I have a Plan B is case Tesla prices the 2024 Cybertruck in the clouds. Here are the vehicles that I also have deposits on as a backup. Please share yours: -2024 Ineos Grenadier -2024 Tacoma TRD Pro hybrid -Canoo pickup -2024 F150 Raptor
  14. Mini2nut

    RWS only on Quad Motor trim per Tesla Oracle

    If true, exactly as I predicted… “The best part in the following videos comes when the Cybertruck uses its 4-wheel steeringto take a sharp right turn. The 4-wheel steering enables the large Tesla Cybertruck to have a short and precise turning radius. However, the 4-wheel steering option will...
  15. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck deliveries start in October says Tesla employee / Cybertruck test driver

    My hunch that the Delivery Day livestream event would be bumped to October appears to be confirmed by Tesla staff validating the Cybertruck off-road. Roughly another month of waiting…
  16. Mini2nut

    I predict Delivery Day will be bumped to October

    In typical Tesla fashion I see the delivery event being bumped to Q4 of this year. As Mr. Musk stated “This is really a very radical product”. Tesla is doing just fine and Cybertruck’s are still being validated by engineers on public streets and off-road. Tesla is doing their due diligence and...
  17. Mini2nut

    A sign that Cybertruck sales are around the corner: look for official EPA range number

    Look for the release of the official EPA numbers.
  18. Mini2nut

    My 2024 Cybertruck affordability predictions

    I have some predictions. In order to reduce costs and make the Tesla Cybertruck semi affordable leadership and the marketing team made some changes: -The blade light will be optional (possibly axed) -The 3mm SS exterior was rethought due to overkill. It was thinned down to reduce costs and...
  19. Mini2nut

    350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched It makes logical sense as the Quad would be the flagship of the Cybertruck trims. The move would be similar to Rivian. They launched their Quad...
  20. Mini2nut

    Will MSRP’s and trim levels be revealed in configuration e-mails or Tesla announcement?

    I think 2024 Cybertruck MSRP's and trim levels will be revealed when Tesla sends out configuration e-mails to early reservation holders. The configurator should also show all of the available options. My guess is August or September. What to you think? Do you think Tesla will reveal pricing...