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  1. Alan

    Somebody PLEASE tell me how THICK the STEEL is!

    I heard 1.4 mm in one of the video’s. Might have been the top gear one when talking about pedestrian safety.
  2. Alan

    Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    I placed another order just in case. It’s refundable. It is inexcusable how little info is available about options and pricing.
  3. Alan

    I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    Musk only owns 13% of Tesla now. Don’t let his antic’s affect you.
  4. Alan

    Cybertruck Sighting!! 11/21 Kettleman City, CA Supercharger

    If the trimotor is over 80k I believe it won’t qualify for the rebate.
  5. Alan

    172 KWH / 500 miles range based on forbidden video

    I know tires make a difference in range. I hope an all weather tire doesn’t affect range as much as an all terrain tire. Do you know if the truck will be offered with an all weather tire.
  6. Alan

    172 KWH / 500 miles range based on forbidden video

    What does that have to do with whether or not an all weather tires will be one of the options.
  7. Alan

    172 KWH / 500 miles range based on forbidden video

    Over 30000 miles our S averaged 342 w per mile on the original street tires. It was horrible in snow. We switched to all weather tires. after 20000 miles average 353 w per mile. The car is great in snow. I don’t need an all terrain tire but I do hope an all weather tire is an option.
  8. Alan

    Official delivery production has started today on Cybertruck

    the site won’t let me ignore anymore threads. It says I already have 1000 ignored and I’m at the limit.
  9. Alan

    Baja Cybertruck returns to US. Parked for viewing in Orange County!

    Used to do in my 1960 36hp Bug all the time in the early 70’s. I could go over 60mph. Drove that bug up and down the alcan several times when 1800 miles of it was still dirt.
  10. Alan

    More 500-mile range rumors!

    You can download the entire presentation from the the Tesla website under investor relations. It talks about the the steps needed to get a battery with a higher energy density for the cybertruck and the semi
  11. Alan

    Superchargers future

    And apparently their is an annular eclipse there tomorrow. The place was packed with people. Went through arches national park. Really a sight to see.
  12. Alan

    Superchargers future

    One of them said it was the first magic dock setup in utah. And I watched the process. It does add up.
  13. Alan

    Superchargers future

    Today in Moab Utah. 2 Rivians , 1 F150, 1 Unkown , 1 Tesla. 3 of the 4 it was their first time at a Supercharger and took them a little while to figure it out. They were thrilled that it worked.
  14. Alan

    Hundreds of Cybertruck castings spotted at Giga Texas! 🤩

    If the Cathode factory is successful I think we will see the batteries start to roll out. Hopefully early 24.
  15. Alan

    Lightbar accessory spotted on Cybertruck! 💡

    With out a power outlet up there you would have to run wires like in the pics. Not a good solution
  16. Alan

    Reservation Change

    2 days ago it was there…….now it’s not.
  17. Alan

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    It’s a rectangular push pad like the s has.
  18. Alan

    Reservation Change

    Mine hasn’t changed.