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  1. Anses

    Would Tesla lower price quicker if a bunch of cancellations happen?

    Ok so we all know a lot of us have an extra reservation for X reasons. Some like me are on the verge of walking out mostly because of price. Well my peeps, Tesla got 2+ million reasons to overprice. But It's a hollow demand that we created for whatever your reason. So what if we all just...
  2. Anses

    How to tell your place in reservation line?

    Wow I really hope that's true, My order was placed 11/28/19 so that would mean 2024 delivery for sure.
  3. Anses

    Hacking the range extender

    I agree. Battery density will evolve. Hacking the connection would definitely void the warranty but Tesla could later develop a 50kw with half the size (maybe flat?) or a 100kw pack with same size bumping range to 600mi. I think with just the fact that battery extension with 48v architecture is...
  4. Anses

    Unplugged Performance Cybertruck aftermarket accessories & parts (wheels, lift kit, wheels, bullbars, winch, lighting, racks & more)

    Nice, they have a photo with a winch but couldn't find any info on that. That's the only thing I see missing on the CT for full off roading.
  5. Anses

    Cybertruck Warranty is 8 Years / 150,000 Miles for the Battery and Drive Unit (4 yrs / 50k miles basic vehicle warranty)

    Can a good samaritan post here the warranty on competition trucks? Thanks ahead.
  6. Anses

    Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    Any info on pricing for this range extender?
  7. Anses

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    That would be great. Not pricing wise but to have the option at least.
  8. Anses

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    This has to be dual motor. Promising 500mi range and delivering 300 would be devastating in my opinion.
  9. Anses

    New Cybertruck @ Hollister Hills Stairs Steps climbing video

    Interesting. Still waiting for a 3rd party team like TFLtrucks to get their hands on one and do a proper off road test.
  10. Anses

    Top Gear Cybertruck review shoot! + Frunk size and opening action! 🎬

    Finally a decent review in the horizon.