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  1. Comprehensive Comparison chart: Cybertruck vs. Rivian R1T vs. F-150 Lightning 🥊

    ? CT is entirely unibody, Rivian has a traditional frame. Hardware is there? They'll have to do some retraining for CT specifically but I don't think it's controversial to say it will have it. The problem is not so much that CT isn't FSD ready but that FSD itself isn't ready ...
  2. BaseCamp Tent info/specs/pics from Cybertruck Accessories Engineer ⛺️

    Not on the production ones I'm afraid. That must've been a beta proto they used for display.
  3. Cybertruck Engineering Innovations - Great Summary

    Yes, apparently Powerwall is not required. I'm surprised they didn't, both from a commercial perspective and EM's vision for a distributed energy network.
  4. Still don't know if cab-bed window opens

    Odd decision considering there are two in the cabin, one in the cabin and one in the frunk would have been better.
  5. 4680 Structural Battery Pack explained - How does it work?

    I'm thinking Cammisa might have meant to say 1386 cells? With two modules that are 8-cell wide and two modules 6-cell wide. That would be a pack longer than 92" though, could also be 1360 cells in four modules that are 8-cell wide.
  6. But I can sleep in my model x

    Rear shoulder room is 62" so something like that.
  7. Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    Really should have been designed to fit into the under bed storage area. Between its design and how it's been introduced it strikes me as something they concocted late into the game as a response to competitors and currently only exists in render form.
  8. Show off you Cyber Thursday (Cybertruck Day) outfit!

    Not seeing any underwear, you going commando?
  9. Wheels Revealed: 18" Base, 20" Base, and Premium Wheel

    The contour on the street tire's sidewall seems to suggest that wheel cover underwent a late running change ... or at least it sure looks like it did :sick:
  10. 123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    Such as? We've seen Tesla tweet and post photos of 4680 production in Austin well before line #2 was installed. Regardless of cell output the elephant in the room is the issue of energy density, as was discussed in another thread. I know you're firmly in the double stack camp but if you...
  11. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    That's a gooseneck, I also said many not all. So, yes, you're bound to find some that would work. However even some of those, depending on the height of the neck, would impinge upon the pillars when maneuvering: Couple the sail pillar clearance issue to that relating to chassis cabs and...
  12. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    Jfc you're dense. It's not a complaint, I replied to somebody that said the race is on for the first "HD" EV truck by saying the Cybertruck's design would not be well suited and that Tesla would be better off making something along the lines of the design they showed in 2017 for that purpose. In...
  13. 123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    We don't know what their 4680 cost is at the moment, there's a lot of equipment and start up related expenses to spread over not a lot of volume. Unclear if that was the case. They said 4680 line #1 in Texas is being converted from V1 to V2 so presumably that was also supplying the now defunct...
  14. Cypress Houston Texas Delivery Center has a Cybertruck! (19820 Hempstead Hwy, Houston)

    Come to think of it that might be why they want people to see it before the event 🤣
  15. I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    GM does not make its own batteries. They're made by LG, which is a South Korean company, in the US. Lightning uses SK batteries, also a South Korean company and also made in the US.
  16. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    All you need to do is look at the photo posted previously, that sail pillars would interfere with many 5th wheel trailers is self evident. If only you’d have bothered reading you’d have known I was discussing an “HD” (i.e. 3/4+ ton) version of the Cybertruck.
  17. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    🤷‍♂️ While largely immaterial to the 1/2 ton market, it would be naive to think fleet customers, who make up ~40% of Ford 'Super Duty' sales, would be willing to put up with those limitations, along with most retail buyers who need those capabilities.