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  1. Beast Mode Cybertruck specs?

    So...... Beast Mode. Goal of sub three second 0-60. Bulletproof glass. what else?
  2. Q2 2023 Result

    Wow ..... over 466000 deliveries and almost 480000 built..... Tesla crushed it and soundly beat analyst estimates.... even the high ones.
  3. Evercharge adopts NACS
  4. Q1 2023 results beat expectations

    Tesla Q1 2023 beats expectations..... the funny thing now is that some so-called analysts are changing what they said a few days ago, claiming they missed expectations. 4 days ago - "The consensus among Wall Street analysts is that Tesla will deliver approximately 420,000 vehicles in Q1...
  5. Tesla Q3 2022

    Results are in: In the third quarter, Tesla produced over 365,000 vehicles and delivered over 343,000 vehicles.... compared to 258k in Q2 and 310K in Q1. Q4 should be pretty exciting with the capacity upgrades and Austin / Berlin ramps.
  6. Q2 2022

    Tesla delivered 254,695 electric vehicles in the second quarter of 2022. Q2 2021 saw 201 250 deliveries. As usual, Yahoo finance, WSJ, etc post garbage reporting of a sales decline, its really a 26% increase YOY. Imagine if Shanghai had not closed!
  7. Q2 FUD is abounding today

    Anyone else notice the Q2 close FUD out there today? - Tesla delivery streak may end! - Ford and GM set to eat Tesla's lunch in 4 years. - etc hahahahahaha Do you think Motortrend or Barron's knows how stupid this makes them look? For a Q2 YOY delivery beat, Tesla needs to exceed 202k vehicles.
  8. Canadian EV rebates are a joke

    so in the 2022 budget it was announced that ev credits would be expanded for electric vehicles as they wanted to incorporate trucks and more cars into the electric transition...... the results are in.....credits are applicable to cars up to 65k CAN and 70k CAN for trucks. in other words, the...
  9. Q1 '22 Deliveries

    So Q1 '22 deliveries come out at a little over 310k.... analyst average target was 309k .... a solid quarter with Shanghai being closed for a few days and everything else going on !!
  10. Giga Berlin full approval

    Giga Berlin has met final requirements for production and delivery of customer vehicles..... woohoo !