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  1. Huntsman


    I thought the integral tailgate ramp was genius, however; I’m more upset we dont have a cyber quad, but I digress. The geometry of the ramp worked for driving a 4 wheeler up on the truck. It demonstrated the drop suspension - great concept that… I think made it to production. The ramp was too...
  2. Huntsman

    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    2 perspectives: #1. I ordered a truck in 2019 for $50,000, 4 years later they tell me due to inflation I have to pay an additional $30,000 - thats just crazy! #2. Ever since I learned about a model S, I wanted one. So I bought $35,000 worth of Tesla stock. Years later it had grown enough for...
  3. Huntsman

    Cybertruck wallpaper from Franz

    Very nice, thanks for sharing No marker lights, only the Frunk aRound Light is on and it is dark enough for auto setting to turn on lights; sparks ones curiousity
  4. Huntsman

    Will FSD price at preorder be honored?

    Read your contract. My preorder FSD was $7000. My contract says it will be honored. This forum has covered this topic, a lot.
  5. Huntsman

    Coordinated Cybertruck Light Show

    Thanks, I’ll give a listen
  6. Huntsman

    RWD $60.9K vs. $59.9K

    I recall Mr. Musk expressing his view on the single motor truck as being less than his desired ideal truck product after the debut. The CT is a conglomeration of a lot of truck configurations and while it can not be everything ( long bed and short wheel base ) his passion was that it be a BA...
  7. Huntsman

    Coordinated Cybertruck Light Show

    Assuming this is programmed into each CT, what was the music?
  8. Huntsman

    Cybertruck Merchandise & Accessories

    After Market Accessories
  9. Huntsman

    Optional Lightbar Accessory - first closeup looks

    I like the install, looks professional. What is the deal, Tesla website has some vague language that makes me wonder if I get this installed at a Tesla dealer or pick my own off road shop - anybody know if it is an installed option or to be installed? Second question - how much? It was a big...
  10. Huntsman

    Wheels Revealed: 18" Base, 20" Base, and Premium Wheel

    Where a larger wheel has a shorter sidewall and bettrr cornering, a smaller wheel has a larger sidewall, more flex, theoretically smoother ride as the side wall flex absorbs some bumps
  11. Huntsman

    🤳 Daily photos & videos: random Cybertruck sightings & spottings thread

    Recall the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where Gus might suggest, "put some Windex on it" we’ll all be carrying windex to remove the bug splots off the front end. The good news is, 75mph bug collisions won’t chip the paint. If you have pride in showing off your truck, you’ll want to carry a...
  12. Huntsman

    2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    Purely fiction - … full size spare is part of Redneck Red Dirt Road Option. It will cost $1200 and It includes that rack we saw in Austin that supports get unstuck boards and a place to mount your lights and mag mount CB / Amatuer radio antenna. Full size spare attaches to the rack. Anyone who...
  13. Huntsman

    Cybertruck Merchandise & Accessories

    Not intending to give endorsements but as we discover businesses that offer Cybertruck merchandise this might serve as a place to post and search those vendors and products. I created my own Cybertruck coffee cup and you can too. Simply grab a photo from Tesla Media Relations, make sure to give...
  14. Huntsman

    📸 Cybertruck looking awesome at Manhattan Beach Pier sighting

    Maybe not just figuratively but also literally. The first 5000 owners are going to have people pace them at highway speeds or race to catch up to get that shot, tail gate, walk in front of or walk into a power pole while staring or videoing. I know the members of this forum are biased and think...
  15. Huntsman

    📸 Cybertruck looking awesome at Manhattan Beach Pier sighting

    Finally, a view that is flattering for the BAW
  16. Huntsman

    📸 Cybertruck looking awesome at Manhattan Beach Pier sighting

    One set of lights not on - my guess is high beams - fog and low beams on.
  17. Huntsman

    Removable side mirrors

    If I get comfortable with electronic mirrors I’ll be riding with no mirrors and no BAW during the summer months.
  18. Huntsman

    Cybertruck Breaks Down in Mojave + F-150 Raptor Size Comparison + ~350mile Range Prediction?

    The seven spoke hubcap does not align with the markings on this new tire although there are similar marks on the tire I mention it to point out different tires and, I for one thought the tires mated to the aero covers at the 2019 debut was one more BA feature
  19. Huntsman

    Graffiti Wrap Cybertrucks First Look (Spotted in Mexico)!

    If you want a light bar or use your magnet mount antenna, plan to get the luggage rack / cargo bar and use it for said utilities. If we’re lucky, the cargo bars can be stored in the frunk or vault trunk when not in use. I’m curious what the aerodynamic drag / mileage penalty will be when the...
  20. Huntsman

    Great time for Cybertruck PRICING PREDICTIONS

    I was wrong - FSD prices should be honored. I was corrected and shown where in the contract it specifies such.