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  1. 265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    Marques is a master at driving the click machine. I put as much stock in this as I did in his video where the Ford Lightning was showing a 450+mi range.
  2. First ever looks!! Startup light sweep sequence + height raise at startup [video]

    So what are the heights? 8, 10, and 12? That looks like it went up quite a ways
  3. NYC & Tampa Florida stores have Cybertrucks!

    Honest question, after the 30th are they going to allow people to sit in them, open things up etc? I guess I don't see the point of it just sitting there 🤷
  4. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    Payload numbers don't mean much, just have to believe in yourself 😜
  5. Cybertruck 11/8/23 specs and others including Silverado EV RST (future)

    Before the EV trucks coming on the scene my dream truck was the Denali with the 6.2. Just gonna win that next Powerball to buy the EV Denali 😂
  6. Cybertruck 11/8/23 specs and others including Silverado EV RST (future)

    That's the baller $110k one. The AT4 is gonna be more of a midspec, "released later" and with them pushing the initial production back to late 2025 I'm not too confident about the lower trims Supposed...
  7. Cybertruck 11/8/23 specs and others including Silverado EV RST (future)

    Would love to shop the GMC Sierra AT4 trim EV. Just sucks they won't make them until 2030+ 😩
  8. Matte Black Cybertruck Finally Appears!! 😱 Driven by Franz Von Holzhausen

    Definitely doing a matte wrap. I always said I'd never do another black car out here with 115 degree summers, but darker color looks great on CT 😩
  9. Will Cybertruck be your first truck ever?

    Unfortunately it's not just the parking I'm worried about. Driving a much bigger vehicle can be too much for some
  10. Why do you want the Cybertruck? (Choose any 3)

    They all drive model Y now
  11. Actual Off-Road Testing: climbing & descending (@ Hollister Hill RSVA - 10/23/23)

    I understand that Rivian and everyone else want to let the computer "figure it out", but if you're in a tough spot I just would rather have some form of an e-locker.
  12. Another article spreading Cybertruck FUD is my AI written news article of choice. I give it 3 thumbs up every time
  13. Superchargers future Unfortunately it's at a 60/40 split for 2023 and as other companies continue to ramp up there will only be more non Tesla at Supercharger with magic dock and the V4. I really hope Tesla works with them to increase the speeds as...
  14. Cybertruck with Smaller Street Tires + New Wheel Covers spotted [Video Added]

    AS tires look fine, will definitely need to see the test numbers to decide if the AT tires are worth the range hit. Definitely gonna be storing the aero caps in the garage after watching that last out of spec video where it was like a 1.4% difference
  15. Cybertruck deliveries to hit 100-120k in 2024 says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

    Genuine question. Are these just wild speculation numbers or is this based off of historical data with 2170? According to the newest data, they are at enough production to have around 600 a week right now. Has there been any new info on when the other supplier like Panasonic will switch over...
  16. DELIVERY RANK So I saw this earlier. I guess everyone gets the full credit regardless of tax liability, but if you earn too much you'll have a big tax bill next year.
  17. CT Windshield Wiper! The New Target for Vandalism?

    Turn on attack BAW mode.....keep Summer safe.... But honestly I doubt the vandalism is going to be any different than any other car.
  18. Rivian CEO Doesn’t Think Cybertruck Will Lure Away R1T Customers... Agree / Disagree?

    Trucks are at almost $60k. Hopefully the dual motor will slot in around that price point. When people can choose simply based on EV vs ICE at the same price point then all of those advantages of an EV will really shine through 🤞
  19. Rivian CEO Doesn’t Think Cybertruck Will Lure Away R1T Customers... Agree / Disagree?

    Yep, I've been saying this to a buddy with a Rivian. The play for them is the SUV. The pickup is a very niche luxury outdoorsy thing. Still really nice but not really in the regular pickup demographics. CT is going to target more of the "do it all market" that most suburbanites expect of a...