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  1. Huntsman

    Cybertruck Merchandise & Accessories

    Not intending to give endorsements but as we discover businesses that offer Cybertruck merchandise this might serve as a place to post and search those vendors and products. I created my own Cybertruck coffee cup and you can too. Simply grab a photo from Tesla Media Relations, make sure to give...
  2. Huntsman

    Lights, Cameras, Action

    the original lighting included the wrap around signature light I consider a DRL although, shown here with amber clearance lights over the windshield (required due to width) and front quarter panel amber parking lights that you would not expect to see with a DRL - hence we assume the wrap around...
  3. Huntsman

    Show it off - Veterans

    Thank you to all the veterans that have served their country. Today I watched the Veterans day parade in our town and thought… by 2023 the Veterans Day parade will have Cybertrucks hauling those hero’s with zero emissions for the spectators. Now all we need is someone to create a division...
  4. Huntsman

    Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    When Musk and Leno drove the CT, Leno commented about the glass roof and Musk reminded him it was all about a Bad Ass CyberTruck. The Cybertruck debut featured the glass and this forum has shared the patents and tech specs on the glass, all of that to say, Tesla is trying to make this truck to...
  5. Huntsman

    SIGNALS, third brake light, and utility lighting

    I would like to see amber turn signals to the rear, maybe even a little tech in “scanning” turn signals that run in the direction of the turn. As of this posting I have not seen video of the vehicle with signals on. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published reports that...