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  1. Alan

    Superchargers future

    Today in Moab Utah. 2 Rivians , 1 F150, 1 Unkown , 1 Tesla. 3 of the 4 it was their first time at a Supercharger and took them a little while to figure it out. They were thrilled that it worked.
  2. Alan

    Cybertruck dash

    It looks to me like the top of the dash flips up for storage.
  3. Alan

    Bed length revisited

    this is a non professional rough but fairly accurate measurement. L track cutouts are 1 inch apart. Counting the visible holes I come up with 59 or 60. I drew a vertical line at the last visible hole and one at the corner of the bed. I measured the distance between the lines and drew anther line...
  4. Alan

    The bright side

    The people on this site are not representative of most of those who ordered the Cybertruck. We are the hardcore who really really want one. By the time the truck actually gets built it wouldn’t suprise me if 60 to 70% of those who ordered moved on to something else. That means those of us who...
  5. Alan

    Dash storage

    This looks like a huge storage shelf in front of the dash. If it is it seems like you would get a lot of annoying reflections off of the windshield. Or it could just be an unfinished area of a prototype. Either way something new to discuss
  6. Alan

    Cybertruck update coming in Q4 earnings call (Jan 26) - says Elon Musk

    Nov 29 (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) top boss Elon Musk said on Monday he would provide an update on the electric carmaker's much-anticipated Cybertruck in the upcoming earnings call, while signaling that supply chain issues still remained a challenge. "Oh man, this year has been such a supply...
  7. Alan

    Starship launch

    start at 1:47. Amazing
  8. Alan

    Austin approves tax package