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  1. Business Insider: Tesla's Cybertruck is finally coming. It's going to rattle rivals and transform the EV market as we know it.

    Two factors that have nothing to do with the product attract me to buying a Tesla. One, of course, is the ease of their hassle-free buying procedure. The other relates to Tesla's lack of advertising. With other brands, If you find how much they spend on promotion annually, and divide the...
  2. 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    Would some patient person kindly explain how the referral system works?
  3. 2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    Question Please The specs indicate "Maximum Tongue 499 kg." I assume this means that an opening for a trailer hitch, and the electrics for it, are included. What does that weight refer to? The downward force at the tongue ("tongue weight") -- or the weight of what's pulled (loaded trailer)...
  4. 2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    Glad a spare wheel/tire is included. It's big, and I wonder where it's stored.
  5. Any chance early reservation holders get a ...

    The downside of extra range is a heavier battery. There may be circumstances where a heavier CT has advantages, but generally I'd say lighter is better.
  6. Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $59,900?

    QUESTION: I think I read here that if Tesla tells you it's delivery time for you, and you reply that you're not quite ready to buy, your place goes to the next one on the list. What if they offer you, say, a three motor, and you reply that you'll wait for a one- or two-motor version? Would you...
  7. Actual Off-Road Testing: climbing & descending (@ Hollister Hill RSVA - 10/23/23)

    Brings up a point. On the 4WD models, is there limited-slip between the left and right wheels in front and back? If not, then "4WD" really means "2WD." Anybody know? Also, can the 4WD CT be switched to 2WD, or is it permanently in 4?
  8. Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $59,900?

    No, Dave, Tesla will charge whatever it wants in Canada. They don't use a standard currency conversion.
  9. Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Thanks for this. To me the two most outstanding features are the adjustable height and the rear-wheel steering. Your list includes one but not the other.
  10. Any 500mi range updates?

    Somebody who's planning to keep the vehicle for 5, 10, 15 years, because as the battery loses, say, one-fifth of its power due to cycling, time, temp extremes, whatever, that person would be happier if they started with a 400 vs a 300 mi range. Or somebody who'll be driving in the rare...
  11. 12V vs 48V

    I was hoping to get an answer in dollars and ounces-or-grams per vehicle, not percentages.
  12. 12V vs 48V

    If the only (or main) benefit of 48v is cost- and weight-saving due to thinner wires, I'd like to know the exact size of that benefit. I bet it's negligible.
  13. [Video + Pics] Cybertruck suspension at high setting height (loading onto trailer and public streets)

    Yes, a huge benefit for those who live in a snow-belt. The only other mainstream vehicle with adjustable height (AFAIK) was the Citroen sedan of the 60s, that I owned several of, and therefore lead to questions if anybody has answers. 1 Can the CT be DRIVEN (with normal dampening) when full up...
  14. Cybertruck to use 48V instead of 12V?

    How many models of cars and trucks are being made as we speak? (I'd guess over 100.) What's a primary goal of every maker? (I'd guess cost-cutting in the manufacture.) How many of those models use a 48v system? (I'd guess NONE.) If my guesses are reasonably accurate, how would you account for...
  15. What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    My guess is custom nothing for the first 6-12 months, then more and more as demand slows and production-confidence increases. I expect (or at least hope) that a wrap will be among the early options, either the pieces for the owner to apply or have done, or put on at the factory.
  16. Good news for CT reservation holders in Canada

    BAD news for Canadians 1. Conversion of US prices to Canadian dollars: Tesla does not go by standard exchange rates; rather, they grab the Canadian price out of a hat. For instance, the US price to pay a deposit was US$100. The official exchange rate at that time would have put the Canadian...
  17. Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    Because I want a Tesla, but am in no rush. Why do I want a Tesla? Apart from the obvious, that everybody knows about, there are two other reasons: 1. No stealership pressures and hassles -- which can be so annoying that if I had to buy from a dealer, I'd hire a professional to negotiate for...
  18. RUMOR: Some Reservation Holders Are Receiving Delivery Dates

    Or they may offer their place-in-line to others for a price.
  19. What will be your first Cybertruck Experience?

    My first thing? Getting it wrapped!
  20. Reality timeframe of Cybertruck wait

    Dave, you know something about when deliveries to Canada will start??