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  1. C T Rick

    Less expensive Cyber Truck Option

    For those on the fence about the current pricing and wait times, here's a CT clone that could probably be had for a fraction of the price. Even comes with 4 extra tires. Parked outside the Hilton across the highway from the Waffel House. Rick
  2. C T Rick

    Fisker Alaska spotted at the Grove

    Was at the Mall tonight and stopped into a Fisker Showroom. All they had was the Fisker Ocean that's a 3 month wait and a new model "Alaska" It's a smaller style pickup/ suv , but what's cool is it has a midgate. The car is suppose to go into production in 2025. We all have heard that...
  3. C T Rick

    Tesla Event Get Together for those Going to Austin

    Let’s all meet up for a get together possibly on the 29th for Dinner. Doesn’t matter if you’re a lottery ticket winner, A Plus 1 , Or live in the neighborhood. Looking to meet other forum members. Also looking to get information from some of you Austin locals for a good place to stay and a...
  4. C T Rick

    Powering your home with the Cyber Truck

    Not sure if this has been discussed on other threads that I tried searching for or not. Why haven’t any North American electric vehicles come up with an option that allows the battery pack to supply power back to your home during a power outage? With the fact that Tesla has a Power wall for...