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  1. AlDente

    Tesla Support

    I have 2 Teslas and a CT reservation. Iwas trying to order a Model 3 SR for our daughter this morning and once I found the right vehicle I clicked the Details button and was immediately informed that my "referral" to the person in the screen shot photo below was in place. I have no idea who this...
  2. AlDente

    Auxiliary Battery in the Cybertruck bed?

    With initial Cybertruck models having rumored <350 mile range, has anyone considered/mentioned an auxiliary battery pack for the Cybertruck? I can imagine either a Tesla or aftermarket battery pack that integrates with the Cybertruck pack. It could be removable (I know very heavy) it could be...
  3. AlDente

    ICE-ing Superchargers

    Seeing situations like this causes my blood to boil. While it could be described as a "first world problem", the ignorance/arrogance of these people is beyond comprehension.
  4. AlDente

    Lightship L1 Prototype look over and discussion by Munro Accumulates

    Looks like Sandy and team will be posting a video featuring the Lightship L1 self-powered solar trailer today. I'm very interested in this product ... It seems the perfect camping companion product for the CyberTruck. Link to Video
  5. AlDente

    Introducing the newest Tesla Model

    You asked for it and here it is. From the genius of Elon Musk comes the 2023 Tesla Model Why ...