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  1. Ambient lighting + floor mount accelerator pedal + that air freshener! 😆

    Yeah, for years I have been concerned about that A-pillar blind spot....wish someone could reassure me it is no big deal...:unsure:
  2. Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    If you don't agree with the terms of the sale, then don't buy. Means more gets theirs sooner.
  3. Rumor: $98900 price for tri-motor Cybertruck??

    FAKE-Can not be true!!! Way too high!!!
  4. UI + Interior Video! Shot from Cybertruck driver seat 🎬

    Am I the only one who feels like this person is not supposed to be in the vehicle? How he is touching stuff and the backpack makes me think he is not an employee or someone authorized to be in it. Interesting video though, still trying to digest it. "запас хода" Russian-means "Power...
  5. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Kinda sad really, all the waisted space under the huge CT dash. Ford found somewhere else to place all their tech and kept the large frunk?! ..But Ford lost over a foot in the bed... compaired to CT..? 5.5 vs 6.5
  6. Another Cybertruck charging today! Size comparison vs. other Teslas (side view)

    Months ago the rumor was there were parts missing on those vehicles and the covers were for protection against the elements.
  7. 350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    Tesla will not build a truck with under 400 miles...wait and see. Batt tech has changed for the better in 4 YEARS.
  8. Cyberturn! Rear Wheel Steering in Action on Cybertruck

    Man I just like the 'sound' toward the end of the it revs up. Am I hearing things?;)
  9. Honoring Original Estimated Pricing

    Hoping for the 6 SEATS that is a 'utility option' not often available in trucks or a Baja racer!
  10. Full red brake light bar on production Cybertruck confirmed by Elon

    For now, l'm staying with CT QUAD at $89,999.99 That is until Elon sharpens his 'AXE' and maybe, just maybe he brings it $1 under $80K. NOICE Elon will have quad under 80K; $76,990 or less. Quad Plaid will bye higher.
  11. The upcoming 2024 Cybertruck styling was brilliant

    It's the brilliance of the CyberTruck that has me worried. When flat, shiney panels catch the sun just right, their brilliance can dazzle other motorists, rendering them blinded for a short period. The second CyberTruck prototype seemed to have a slightly curved front windshield, whereas the...
  12. 4 wheel steering in action on Cybertruck at Giga Texas!

    Sandy Munro bets recently that the CT will have street by wire.....that should cut down on you agree Crissa?
  13. Giga Texas employee: Cybertruck deliveries should start Jan 2023 with crash/test vehicles produced later this year.

    From Giga Texas employee: Cybertruck deliveries should start 01 23' with crash/test vehicles being produced later this year. Tesla truly is taking this time (2022) to absolutely crush everyone on software. We should significant improvements in all possible software areas for all...
  14. Stellantis CEO gives up against Tesla?

    From Yahoo: But wait! There's more! In a more significant development today, Reuters is reporting that the CEO of Tesla rival Stellantis (NYSE:STLA) is not at all certain that his company -- or any company -- can profitably compete with Tesla in EVs. The costs of transitioning from gas-powered...