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  1. Cybertruck Deer Strike Outcome

    How do we think the CT will hold up hitting a deer on the highway? I hit one the other night with my Tundra at about 45mph, didn’t see it. Had to back up to find out what it was. Glanced off the plastic panel underneath the headlight. No damage, but it got my attention. Will the stainless flex...
  2. Tesla Semi trailering a Cybertruck! [Videos]

    If it's a test vehicle, the windows might be down incase the doors don't open electrically :unsure:
  3. High Margin Options?

    I’ve wanted to ask for this for a while as a serious consideration for the CT: Please add 15 and 40-amp auxiliary circuits controlled by programable softkeys on the main screen; four 15’s and 2 40’s amp would be a great start. I’m installing a Switchpros RC-12 on my Jeep right now and thought...
  4. Stainless Steel is cool

    I saw when I was at the Hawthorne facility that they were stir welding the seams for each booster section. I was always fascinated by this process since seeing it in NASA Tec Briefs 20 years ago
  5. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Does anyone know what this machine does?
  6. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Thanks for the read this morning. A few thoughts: Twelve pages devoted to this great photo to finally mention the structural battery pack as a key design component (thanks Dids). The CT is a new platform for Tesla and the CT engineers get to have all the fun integrating the exoskeleton...
  7. Brembo brakes on Cybertruck?

    I wonder if the electrical failure mode for electric brakes is to come to a stop? With hydraulic systems you can usually push hard if the motor fails and get some friction. Air brakes will typically lock up. Did Brembo address this in their presentation materials?
  8. It’s about to get exciting for CT reservation holders. Finally!!!

    That the coolest wrap I've seen. Ode to Necronomicron.
  9. Cybertruck Production Advances to TOOLING Phase!

    Why not just have them drive themselves to the customer?;)
  10. Cybertruck Affordability and Volume

    When the Cybertruck rolls off of the assembly line in Texas (in 2023), it will be the ultimate example of Tesla’s and Space X’s engineering and production ramp experience from the last 18 years. Cross-team and cross-company engineering collaboration, rapid iteration at all levels, advanced...