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  1. CyberMoose

    TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    The OP wanted to know the easy of stealing one. Saying it's bolted in would, in my opinion, give false hope. If I really wanted your wall charger, at least the valuable part of it, give me under 1 minute and i'll have it off the wall. All that would be left would be the wirebox which can be...
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    TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    So not going to read through 4 pages but it seems like no one wanted to answer the original question on the first page. there are two screws on the top and two on the bottom, they aren't regular screws and Tesla gives a bit to screw them in/out. I don't know why people were giving you a...
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    Towing Capacity and Range?

    I didn't watch the video but you are saying towing near capacity limit. We are also talking about the rivian which hasn't released their longer range version (as far as I know) and the model x which while it can tow, it isn't really seen as a work vehicle. So I suppose that the results of...
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    Some Tesla Intervention is requested.

    This car was already spotted on the TeslaModel3 reddit. Not a prank
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    Pretty sure Joe could get it early if he asked and I don't see a problem with this at all. if a handful of Celebrities tweeted Elon asking for an early Cybertruck, that would delay peoples orders by either nothing or a day. This would also be great for Tesla, who doesn't advertise. Tesla in...
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    Elon Musk replies to a Tweet about Pricing on the Cybertruck

    I feel pretty safe about the Cybertruck price. Sure, it is likely going to have a bit of an increase. Inflation has been tough recently and unless things settle down, we can't just expect the Cybertruck to remain the same price while everything else gets more expensive. That aside, the...
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    Tesla hit with $1.27M subrogation claim from State Farm in 2020 house fire

    I get what you are saying but it is possible that Tesla could be uniquely at fault where a manufacturer of an ICE vehicle wouldn't be. I will point out first that there has to be some sort of evidence that the vehicle was defective if they are going to try to claim it was Teslas fault, I'm...
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    Tesla Quality

    Not sure if this is a sarcastic reference to the Tesla 12000USD or 10600CAD FSD cost, you realize you don't need FSD for map updates right? Because i'm pretty sure a Toyota doesn't drive you around.
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    Giga Texas employee: Cybertruck deliveries should start Jan 2023 with crash/test vehicles produced later this year.

    Would be amazing if this were true. Even just the crash test vehicles would give us so much more to talk about. I can't wait to see how it holds up.
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    We have some definite challenges ahead.

    I hope that with electric vehicles taking more and more of the market share, we will also see a large increase in homes with solar panels. Installations for both new homes and existing homes. There are countless new developments in my city for new homes, yet so far I have not seen a single...
  11. CyberMoose

    More FUD from CNBC

    So just some comments on this video. - First of all the requirement to get into the beta. This person is basically talking like he cheated to get in by saying "he drove like a grandma for 103 miles and then didn't drive for a week". So basically he cheated by driving extremely carefully for...
  12. CyberMoose

    How will Tesla Unveil the Giga Texas Model Y?

    I used to have some friends that worked in car sales and from what i've been told, they are given about as much information as we are. They didn't know when new models would be available until immediately before the manufacturer released that information publically. It would be smart to keep...
  13. CyberMoose

    Cybertruck App Store

    One of the biggest features I'd like to see on the app store is communication. With premium connectivity, it would be nice to be able to use apps like Skype or even discord to chat with a friend or multiple people at once and do it simply from the Tesla screen.
  14. CyberMoose

    Mid-gate Impossible? Best cab sleeping solution for one? - or kookiest idea yet?

    This seems overly complicated for sleeping in the truck. Removing a seat just for a flat place to sleep sometimes seems like a lot of work. I think if there is no midgate, something as simple as the ability to slide the front seats further forward than a traditional truck does would be enough...
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    FSD Beta v9 v10 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    Well even without beta, FSD can make lane changes on the highway as well without us confirming it. It will obviously follow the road if there is a curve, it will slow down or speed up if traffic speeds are changing. It's always possible that the software could make a mistake or hardware could...
  16. CyberMoose

    FSD Beta v9 v10 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    We still aren't disagreeing. People are supposed to monitor the system and obviously some don't. If I were to see a FSD beta video and that person had a child in the car, I don't see anything wrong with that. If I see a FSD beta video and that person is doing some stupid 'I don't have to care...
  17. CyberMoose

    FSD Beta v9 v10 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    The fact that it's dangerous with our without FSD beta is actually my point. I would rather have full self driving beta on with kids in the car than be driving a car with no automation at all. I've seen lots of videos of Teslas serving to avoid a collision and I think that's a feature that I...
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    Tent + kitchen setup: a bit impractical

    I kind of like the Cybertruck kitchen set up. I honestly don't really understand when people are going to be getting in and out of bed while camping so I don't see much harm in the kitchen blocking access to the tent. The only time I could see that as a problem is if I am cooking and my wife...
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    FSD Beta v9 v10 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    It's possible that a child will distract the driver at a time that FSD might make a mistake. It's also possible that a child will distract the driver at a time that another driver on the road makes a mistake. I've seen a lot of FSD beta videos and while I haven't actually seen any with a...