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  1. ldjessee

    Top Gear names Cybertruck as Disrupter Of The Year

    Top Gear is still around? Is this them trying to get noticed and remain relevant?
  2. ldjessee

    Unofficial Cybertruck Delivery Event After Party! @ Lustre Pearl East Starting 2PM

    I thought Brian White (My Tesla Weekend) was going to be at this event?!
  3. ldjessee

    Cybertruck Detailing! + Showroom units are going to customers?

    I wonder if you could do that round polishing scheme? If you did it oriented from nose to tail, if you could get a stainless steel dragon kind of look... ;)
  4. ldjessee

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    My understanding is that 4680 line 1 is running, but not yet at full rate. 2-4 lines are installed or will be finished soonish, then they will ran making Cybercell (ie, 4680 gen2). Then hopefully, by the time the experimental line has gen3 of the 4680 chemistry worked out, lines 5-8 can be built...
  5. ldjessee

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    Are you taking the position that the current rate will not increase for a whole year?!?! Because your math seems to indicate that, unless I missed something.
  6. ldjessee

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    Convenience is not cheap. Think of the markup at a convenience store compared to a grocery store. There are places I have driven that there is 80-90 miles between gas stations. If you can charge at home, why wouldn't you? Wouldn't that be the most convenient? If I forget to charge my car or...
  7. ldjessee

    Denver "Littleton" Colorado Delivery Center now has a Cybertruck! (as of 11/24)

    Is there a single thread that is keeping a running tally of all the locations?
  8. ldjessee

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    If could tow it backwards, it would be more aerodynamic, as putting the air back is more important than splitting it apart. But I do not think there is any boat trailer for towing it backwards...
  9. ldjessee

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    30+ years ago, these fancy jobsite safes were not really used... And almost all power tools had a hose or cord attached to them (either air or electrical). Also, people would be shocked at how rough their house looks under the drywall... atleast back then... but self leveling laser levels were...
  10. ldjessee

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    I have seen 'trades' work out of a beat-up Ford Tempo (or was it the Topaz?) wagon. New home construction, client is usually not there seeing what you drive, so no one to impress... Of course, I have seen trades work out of an old Uhaul truck and have to keep dumping money into them just to...
  11. ldjessee

    Towing a camp trailer

    I bet it keeps the truck from feeling very tippy (top heavy)... And given the bed weight limit on some trucks, maybe the saver way to move it?
  12. ldjessee

    Sound system in Cybertruck is really AWESOME! -- says Tesla engineer

    I used to work on helicopters, so for me, as long as it has base I can feel and does not muddy the midrange, I am usually pretty happy! ;)
  13. ldjessee

    Grab handles above the doors? Would you guys miss not having grab handles above the doors?

    I have seen flexible ‘soft’ handles made from 550/survival cord with leather or nylon wrapped around as the handle and those seemed to work fine.
  14. ldjessee

    Sound system in Cybertruck is really AWESOME! -- says Tesla engineer

    Could use that under bed storage for outdoor speakers? 😝😉
  15. ldjessee

    Best looks @ Cybertruck display menu controls / open frunk / dashboard-interior / glass roof

    I noticed in looking at Model Y tires and wheels that the same tire with the same ratings just with an 18” center are much cheaper. If I ever have to buy new wheels for a Model Y, I will buy 18”…
  16. ldjessee

    Best looks @ Cybertruck display menu controls / open frunk / dashboard-interior / glass roof

    Funny, I remember the times they broke, stripped out, or you hear a chunk and watch the glass fall into the door… I HATE cranked windows and only had them until I could afford better. Memories of the past are so interesting on how the same thing can be viewed from different perspectives…
  17. ldjessee

    Cybertruck driving on......SALT WATER..... (in ocean tide)

    It is amazing that after 100 years of automotive and chemistry advances that someone would not have created some kind of coating to protect cars from rusting... Oh wait, they did. Next to the ocean and salted roads in the winter... will definitely rust the under maintained or poorly designed...
  18. ldjessee

    Remember the Cyberquad

    I am not sure if you have researched this, but if you listen to people who have worked at Tesla, they said the scariest thing was being empowered to solve problems they found. There are many times at many different companies I suggested a solution, but never did I feel empowered to just fix the...
  19. ldjessee

    【BestEvMod】Can't wait to make accessories for the CT! Any San Diego early owner?

    Someone asked me why I got rubberized covers for the back of the seats. When the seats are folded is the obvious answer, but while they are up, it kept things up against them from sliding around as well. Plus, something you can put on and take off is much easier to clean... And having had a...