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  1. Cybertruck Menu Controls (Dynamics, Towing & Hauling, and Outlets & Mods) seen in video

    Dynamics, Towing & Hauling and Outlets & Mods
  2. Boston Tesla showroom now has this Cybertruck

    888 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199
  3. First Canadian Showroom Cybertruck - Vancouver

    Address: 19505 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC V3S 6K1, Canada
  4. How much does cybertruck weigh without its battery pack?

    Model X without its battery pack is about 4000 lbs. Cybertruck is about 23.4% larger by volume than a Model X by looking at the overall L x W x H. Tesla's current SEXY lineup has about the same density for each, when your remove the battery packs. Taking this approach, Cybertruck without a...
  5. Round or square? Buttons or stalks?

    Did Tesla make a mistake with getting rid of the round steering wheel and stalks on some of their products? We saw the backtrack on the yoke for model s/x but the stalks did not make a return yet. Now that Model 3 Refresh 'Highland' is releasing without stalks, there will be a larger audience...
  6. Tesla Van unveil at Cybertruck delivery event?

    Are we going to see the unveil of the Tesla Van (built off the cybertruck platform) at the Cybertruck delivery event?
  7. What tests/videos should Tesla make for Cybertruck launch event and for media to use?

    Tesla needs to put out some quality (non-potato cam) media of Cybertruck. I want an all out meltdown of the internet on a weekly basis. Tug of war with the competition. Ascending the huge sand dune (Elon's Idea) Load/unloading of cargo at capacity vs competitor Towing the starship to the...
  8. Which EV truck will have most deliveries in 2023?

    What EV truck will have the most deliverers in 2023?
  9. Windshield Great as Theater Screen

    That big flat windshield would probably make for a great theater to play movies or games on while charging or camping. If we are going to be removing our side mirrors, where will the cameras display? I rather have them projected on the corners of the windshield then on the central display...
  10. Built-In water tank in exoskeleton cavity

    Could they incorporate a built in water tank within the exoskeleton cavities? Drinkable water on adventures or maybe a steamer or pressure washer to clean things up after getting dirty. I’ve heard of aftermarket bumpers having water tanks in them. Maybe built in filter to turn natural water...