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  1. CybertruckCanuck

    Cybertruck size comparison with Ford F-250 Superduty pickup (side by side photo)!

    I would say that’s a F250 6.5 bed. The 5.5 bed that I have has a shorter distance between the cab and the wheel well.
  2. CybertruckCanuck

    What should I expect by way of delivery procedure?

    I’m hoping they offer pickup at the Texas giga factory. I would love to fly down to Texas and drive my new CT back home.
  3. CybertruckCanuck

    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    Some news about the future Hummer EV truck unveiled during the Superbowl. GM plans similar motor and range options and wants to launch by Fall 2021. Looks like the EV truck market is really heating up...
  4. CybertruckCanuck

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Hello new member here. I had been thinking about getting a Tesla as a commuter car and was also looking at getting a 4x4 pickup for winter/hauling when this was launched. Ordered my Dual Motor AWD on Nov 27. Can’t wait!