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  1. ldjessee

    Tesla Semi in EV Truck category?

    Since there are Forums for the other EV Trucks, why not for the Tesla Semi? Sure, it will be more rare than a Model S, but... if not their own forum, maybe a section on the forums? Thanks!
  2. ldjessee

    Anti-sway hitches needed when towing with Cybertruck?

    Saw an advertisement for this hitch: Has anyone used this? And do we think something like this is needed with the Cybertruck? In other words, will they Cybertruck have anti-sway and anti-jackknife technology (atleast for...
  3. ldjessee

    ABC Islands Infrastructure

    I have just returned from spending time on the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). Each Island is different, but I could not get over how small these islands were, but they were buying vehicles that had hundreds of miles of range... that was a complete waste... and they were overpaying...
  4. ldjessee

    Jehu Garcia does with the Rivian R1T what many here have speculated about doing with the Cybertruck

    Which is to place a battery in the bed for a long trip. Now, he ran into issues, which is cooling, something in several threads I think was talked about... some seemed to think it would not be needed, but it is now obvious why active thermal management is required for the battery and electronicsl
  5. ldjessee

    Carbon wrapped rotor motor…

    I am hoping it will become the normal, but could see it being only on the ‘performance’ models… What do others think about any of the tech from the S Plaid to come to the Cybertruck?
  6. ldjessee

    Semi Truck new version?

    Has anyone done a visual comparison of the new Tesla Semi as compared to the old? Like a side by side, pointing out the differences?
  7. ldjessee

    Tesla throws the switch on virtual powerplant in the UK

    Pretty incredible. Hope this comes to the US sometime soon.
  8. ldjessee

    GMC Hummer EV

    Hello, I am amazed at how good and bad this is. One of my disappointments is that GMC did not keep the portal hubs. I did like that it comes capable for 37" tires without modification. I also like the roof panels being removable and stowed in the frunk... Lots of videos and such out there...
  9. ldjessee

    Rivian Death Valley Testing

    Hello, Rivian doing some towing testing in Death Valley. Also, seeing the early production (or whatever you want to call them) Rivian trucks in Long Way Up makes me very hopeful about the CyberTruck and I hope that Tesla starts a video series about testing it or bringing it to production. If...
  10. ldjessee

    Charley Boorman Interview

    Talking about the Long Way Up and going electric. Thought it might be an interest to people here (many subjects covered, but includes charging).
  11. ldjessee

    Tesla Impact Report for 2019

    Tesla Impact Report for 2019 Now You Know analysis: Pretty incredible.
  12. ldjessee

    Things (possibly) not needed for overlanding with a CyberTruck

    I was putting together a list of overlanding stuff (I remake one from time to time) and realized there might be things you might find on some people's camping/overlanding packing list that might not be needed with a CyberTruck. Generator Solar Panel Hot Spot/Internet connection Tent Oil Gas...
  13. ldjessee


    Any fellow Hoosiers with a reservation?
  14. ldjessee

    My comparison of Jeep Gladiator & Model Y vs. the Cybertruck

    Hello, I have been considering replacing my Subaru Outback with a Jeep Wangler 4door, but then the Gladiator came out. Also own a Nissan Leaf for doing in town and commuting trips. When I saw the Cybertruck, I wanted one very badly, but did a lot of comparisons and this is some of my research...