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  1. rodmacpherson

    Powershare V2V / V2H / V2L / V2X is a feature!

    I am just happy that this should finally put an end to the "you can't do V2X with a NACS port" nonsense.
  2. rodmacpherson

    "BEAST MODE" Confirmed! 🦾

    I prefer the base wheels. I'd rather the rubber rubs a curb/rock than the plastic hubcap or worse the alloy wheel.
  3. rodmacpherson

    "BEAST MODE" Confirmed! 🦾

    looks like if Tesla wants to make merch fornit they will have to
  4. rodmacpherson

    First ever looks!! Startup light sweep sequence + height raise at startup [video]

    makes me wonder how many of them will be named K.I.T.T.?
  5. rodmacpherson

    First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    yeah, don't want random YouTubers spoiling any big reveals that Tesla is planning to make at the delivery event.
  6. rodmacpherson

    First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    Please Tesla put one in the Toronto area. I would really like to see one up close
  7. rodmacpherson

    Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    It seems we are actually talking about the same thing. What I was saying is the truck doesn't need to detect that it has a trailer, though I am sure there are a number of ways to do that. Just when the accessory camera is on, it automatically replaces the backup camera in the rearview mirror...
  8. rodmacpherson

    Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    Why would the truck need to sense that it is towing? if the addon camera is powered on it is towing. You aren't going to have it turned on wasting its battery if you aren't using it.
  9. rodmacpherson

    Tesla Prepares To Turn Heated Front Seats and Wipers Into Paid Features

    They must be different from the toll devices I am used to. what controls do you need? The ones we have in Ontario just sit there and beeps when you get off the toll road.
  10. rodmacpherson

    Powered Frunk In Action! Great shots!!

    If there is no DC 12V where I want it (or USB for that matter) I will put it there. I wasn't put off the Model S because it didn't have 12v in the trunk, I just tied into the 30A 12v line for the liftgate and put in my own 12V and USB charging plugs.
  11. rodmacpherson

    Elon reveals Cybertruck details / production expectations on Q3 2023 call

    especially since the STARTING expected production of 125k per year is more than the S and X combined.
  12. rodmacpherson

    Report: Cybertruck official factory wrap service launches w/in 6 months of first deliveries, at $8-12k price

    Rumor has it CT roof racks will start around $500. You will be able to get Wheel locking lug nuts for somewhere around $75 Ok, I kinda pulled those numbers out of my ass, but they are based on real prices on the Tesla Shop, so no different than the wrap pricing.
  13. rodmacpherson

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Plus the added benefit that they are stackable to fit several in a small space. This way you can carry a whole stack around so you can easily use multiple boxes to get a measurement.
  14. rodmacpherson

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    not my photoshop job, but I am pretty sure Meadow Creek not Costco are the ones that would be cracking down on use of their ad.
  15. rodmacpherson

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    I saw this over on Facebook. They got the money shot right. Measuring with standard chickens. 🐔 (roasted chicken though)
  16. rodmacpherson

    Accessories / mods to consider buying before Cybertruck delivery?

    Unfortunately the real deal has been out of stock for a while: Flux Capacitor - Great Scott! | O'Reilly Auto Parts ( But there's always the Wayfair edition: Ukonic Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Replica USB Mood Light - Wayfair Canada
  17. rodmacpherson

    Cybertruck sightings even making local TV news 📺

    yeah that caught my attention too, but you know the local news is only going to have the prices as announced in 2019
  18. rodmacpherson

    Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    You said 5 to each of 64 service centers would only cover 8 states. I say 5 to each of 64 SCs still, but send to at least one SC in each of the 50 states. and maybe send some to Canada. why concentrate them to a few states when you can spread them out so they are seen everywhere and you can brag...