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  1. Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    Thank you! I really wanted Elon to drive the thing into a lake or something.
  2. Look at all these Cybertrucks lined up at Giga Texas ahead of delivery event!! 🤩

    One Cybertruck is the demo for the shatter resistant windows, the others are getting delivered.
  3. Solar Cover, Lightbar (Hella), and Cyber Shop Confirmed for Cybertruck!

    So they couldn’t fit the lightbar behind the windshield? I really liked that look. I wonder how having it on top will affect range, it looks like they really tried to keep a small footprint.
  4. Cybertruck Shows Off Crab Walk at GFTX!

    I think we now know why that Cybertruck casting was scrapped
  5. Ambient lighting (interior) confirmed in Cybertruck! (spotted 8/23/23) + front camera display screen view

    The real question is will we finally get the Birds Eye view camera on a Tesla?