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  1. ⛔️ NO RESALE language REMOVED for Cybertruck sales agreement! ✏️ 📄

    I wish they would forget about trying to control what customers can do after they have bought it -- get rid of the resell agreement. Yet I also want them to not let too many scalpers in the line. My preferred solution would be to limit multiple trucks to the same person or account. Your first...
  2. Steel wheels (steelies) and Wheel Force Transducers (precision measurement equipment) spotted on Cybertruck prototype 4/06/2023

    Personally -- I hope they have a simple steel rim. Repairable. Cheap to replace if needed. I really don't care what the wheel looks like. My interests resolve around the diameter and width of the tire (dirt road capable), durability, cost to repair/replace -- maybe a nod to aero...
  3. CT Companion vehicle - model 2, Aptera or other

    Actually -- a Cybertruck and an Aptera is what I have on order. I'm about #8,000 in line for the cybertruck, and about #12,000 in line for the aptera. I will be happy to replace the 25 year old GMC truck that I'm constantly repairing, and also replace my Leaf that currently has over 100,000 miles.
  4. Alaska trip

    The tesla supercharger map has a supercharger location listed on the Kenai penninsula. It is supposed to open in Quarter 3 of 2021. A single super charger in the entire state seems a bit odd to me. I hope that this is just the first one, and that by the time I get my cybertruck, there are...
  5. We ordered a Cybertruck on night of release for single motor. Can we switch and not lose place in line?

    I have changed my specifications. Just login into the tesla web site and "Manage" your cybertruck order. There is an option (in a pretty small font) to "edit design".
  6. If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    1. The "NO carpet" option. Rubberized surface floors for easy cleaning. 2. Starlink (SpaceX internet service) antenna integrated. 3. Towing package with integrated brake controller and backup camera for trailer.