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  1. scottyah

    Steer by Wire... Steer by Braking??

    Jason Cammisa said the Lucid does it, they do regen braking on the inside wheels during sharp turns. Apparently it's better than any Tesla handling so it'd be cool to see it for the first time in a cybertruck. I assume it's mechanical otherwise they could have sent it out via a software update
  2. scottyah

    Cybertruck v2? [CLOSED: IT'S A PHOTOSHOP]

    Such a bad photoshop
  3. scottyah

    Cybertruck Turning Radius

    So we've heard: The turning radius is a foot less than the model S The back wheel turn is limited to three degrees during the delivery update, but it's physically capable of 10 degrees The question I have for the math guys is what will the full turning radius be, assuming full 10 degree back...
  4. scottyah

    Foundation Series Cybertruck ordering begins! $120K / 1,000 Limited Edition

    fff well I'm glad I haven't gotten this invite because I don't know if I could say no even though it's way out of the price range I'm budgeted for
  5. scottyah

    Would you buy the Cybertruck if your number came up in the next month?

    I'll pay the $80k for the dual motor to get it sooner, even knowing the price will most likely come down in a couple years. I'm not happy about the price increase, but I've been saving up for four years now and my old rusty clunker is costing more and more to maintain. Plus, the thing is...
  6. scottyah

    Elon Musk and Sandy Munro talk Cybertruck.. Again

    Oh I thought I heard Martensitic
  7. scottyah

    Service Center Demo Units - Touchable Now?

    After the mandatory signup at the door, they texted me trying to get me to buy a different Tesla (Cybertruck might just be a bait and switch mechanism??). I have texted 2-3 times asking if we can test drive the cybertruck, still no luck.
  8. scottyah

    Cyberbeast Letdown

    You just need to invent a new and improved battery and they'll do it
  9. scottyah

    Cybertruck battery is 4 x 200V units in series. Switch inside allows switching between parallel and series to optimally charge at 400V and 800V

    Telsa is creating the problem then selling the solution. I believe they're referring to a practice like Apple laptops switching to USB-C ports only, then selling all the dongles required for people's accessories to work with their new computer.
  10. scottyah

    Dashboard no longer shows CyberTruck reservation

    I didn't get the email but my reservations show. I was originally getting the 3 motor but after the reveal I ordered a dual motor, but kept the old just in case I can configure and my spot is reserved
  11. scottyah

    No Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filtration?

    lol Elon's presentation should have been an email, luckily the website has way more details
  12. scottyah

    Zack from JerryRigEverything video on the Cybertruck

    There was a video of the inside of the box on Nov 30th, it was empty
  13. scottyah

    Has anyone heard about pricing and configuration for Reservation holders?

    Would you really trust their timelines even if they gave them?
  14. scottyah

    Power rear window confirmed?

    0:25 "Window does not go down :("
  15. scottyah

    Official Cybertruck Accessory Store is live!! Tailgate ramp, crossbar, Basecamp tent, vehicle wrap, Franz ball decal and more 🛒

    Some accessories had that stipulation, but the window decal didn't when I checked. For some reason the L-track beer bottle opener did though?? Either way, their website couldn't handle logging in or buying the decal
  16. scottyah

    Well that was weird…

    Other guesses: He saw MDR's undies post on X Some fallout of his F U to advertisers interview Any bad news about his family/kids Any good news about his dad He got nervous and retreated into the future in his head and his latest simulation was bleak He lost/had to end a game of polytopia early
  17. scottyah

    Well that was weird…

    They told him what the price and range were right before he walked on
  18. scottyah

    The Cybertruck needs a Mid-gate

    Amen! I wish they had spent less time getting a 0-60 and more time making a Truck of the Future
  19. scottyah

    Still ordering CT? Income poll.

    I don't need to HAVE money in order to be bad with it