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  1. Warbird

    Cybertruck sighting with tonneau closed and bed lights on - 11/11/23 (@ Santa Cruz, CA)

    The tonneau cover is closed, so the lighting in the bed is only from the bed light and the red light on the ground is from the light on the tailgate. Sorry I am unable to delete the duplicate image. There are only 3 unique pictures.
  2. Warbird

    No paint shop...not?!

    The ends may be all aluminum castings that do not require paint. But as we can clearly see from the recent pictures, there is clearly a body in white. I for one never could imagine an exoskeleton. Anyway, a body in white consists of various metals, aluminum and steel reinforcements bonded...
  3. Warbird

    Cyberlandr private Winery/off-road camping tours in New England

    Cyberlandr private Winery/off-road camping tours in New England: Anyone planning on purchasing a Cyberlandr for their Cybertruck please respond. We are a retired couple planning on touring remote New England camping spots once we get our truck. Apparently wineries invite campers onto their...