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  1. ChiTownCT

    Service Center Demo Units - Touchable Now?

    Nope, was in the one in Chicago 2 days ago.. Still roped off..
  2. ChiTownCT

    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    I honestly thought that reveal couldnt have been worse for tesla.. But I went to see the CT in person for the first time here in chicago, and let me tell you it looks so damn good in person.. So sleek and just looks damn cool, I cant wait for my turn in the queue..
  3. ChiTownCT

    After waiting four years, today was a let down.

    Kind of in the same boat.. The entire performance today was lackluster... The problem is the promises that were made, and many never came to fruition.. Lets not even mention the hefty price tag.
  4. ChiTownCT

    Cybertruck Production Line First Look!! 🙀

    Absolutely sick
  5. ChiTownCT

    People get up! Today is Cybertruck Delivery day!

    Four long years of waiting, lurking for three of those years without an account on here.. Checking this forum and reddit everyday for updates, and finally were here.. Feels damn good
  6. ChiTownCT

    Ramcharger- Best of Both Worlds?

    Only downside is that its ugly.. Literally does not appeal to me aesthetically.. As a hybrid owner currently, I think its a great idea.
  7. ChiTownCT

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    Man those numbers do not sound promising to be honest..
  8. ChiTownCT

    First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    My wife feels the same way, I can't wait to take her parking spot in the garage..
  9. ChiTownCT

    First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    This is for certain? I think Chicago should be getting one for sure then!
  10. ChiTownCT

    Cybertruck demo / promotional video vs. Porsche 911 and Lightning for delivery event?

    Im guessing something to do with offroad capability..
  11. ChiTownCT

    Powered Frunk In Action! Great shots!!

    You would think with that dash being so large they could grant more frunk space..
  12. ChiTownCT

    Videos: Good build quality (panel gaps) on Cybertruck driven by Elon + interior / display screen / ambient lighting

    To be honest, it does look a little cramped in there for Elon. The knees are almost touching the dashboard? As a tall guy that worries me..
  13. ChiTownCT

    Official: Cybertruck first deliveries on November 30, 2023!! Production capacity revealed to be >125K

    Unbelievable.. 4 years of waiting and we finally get a date.. Four years of browsing and lurking this forum and reddit, every SINGLE day. Wife said I was crazy, little did she know I had faith.. We made it boyyyys