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  1. CHC

    Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    Tesla Website Shows Range Extender Specs. Updated with image:
  2. CHC

    Spotted Again… Driver was a Massive Jerk

    Second time seeing the CT. The driver was an absolute a-hole, really a poor representative of the Tesla brand. Was walking by and casually asked about the truck, said something like “how do you like driving it.” The guy just sneered and slammed the door. He then proceeded to speed away...
  3. CHC

    Funny Bumper Sticker Ideas

    With the massive real estate on the rear tailgate, I was thinking of what dumb bumper stickers we might see in the future. "My refrigerator is faster than yours" "Honk if you love triangles" "Still rendering..." etc.
  4. CHC

    Cybertruck Pricing Revealed on Order Agreement (Real or Faked?)

    Posted by a reddit user don't shoot the messenger. "The confirmed cybertruck pricing dropped. It starts at 79,990- 98,990 + fsd. depending the options such as tires,lightbar,toolbox,vault ramp and mid gate opening. I was a hr 1 reservation holder and live in Texas. 10-15 people are taking...
  5. CHC

    Cybertruck Breaks Down in Mojave + F-150 Raptor Size Comparison + ~350mile Range Prediction?

    Was lucky enough to spot the Cybertruck at the supercharger in Mojave, CA. Just when I pulled up a tow truck arrived. Apparently the truck wouldn’t charge. I spoke briefly to the engineer who was a nice guy and relatively open. He said that he honestly didn’t know the range, as all RCs only...
  6. CHC

    Cybertruck with Smaller Street Tires + New Wheel Covers spotted [Video Added]

    Not a fan of the smaller wheel look, or those awful hubcabs, but probably a base/ range friendly option that will be offered.
  7. CHC

    It'd be a Mistake to Prioritize Cybertruck Deliveries to Tesla ‘Influencers’

    These rumors are swirling about Tesla prioritizing deliveries to Tesla ‘influencers’ and certain long-time, high referral customers, as they have in the past. The Cybertruck is a unique Tesla product in that it is targeted, very pointedly, at legacy truck manufacturers. Tesla would benefit from...
  8. CHC

    Front Bumper Design Update: Non-Removable License Plate Holder

    From the ER deck photos, it is clear that Tesla added a front license plate holder to the bumper. However, it seems to be recessed and integrated into the bumper, adding an awkward ‘buck toothed’ look to the clean, unblemished original, that is likely not removable.
  9. CHC

    Side-by-side comparison of prototypes shows how Tesla botched the production redesign process

    I can’t be the only one who thinks Tesla has nearly ruined the design by making the body shorter, narrower, and more boxy, while the bumper is much thicker. Thoughts?
  10. CHC

    Giga Austin House for Elon Sparks Internal Tesla Probe AUSTIN, Texas—Inside Tesla TSLA 1.29%increase; green up pointing triangle, it was known as “Project 42,” and the plans called for a dramatic glass-walled building to...
  11. CHC

    The CT Would Look So Much Better with a Smaller Bumper

    Video comparison between the original concept bumper and the alpha version
  12. CHC

    Physical differences between motor variants?

    Do you think there will be any physical differences, such as more included options, etc. between the dual and tri motor? Or will the differences be limited to battery size, motor count, and badge?