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  1. jcster108

    Marques Brownlee ready …

    Damn, how do I delete LOL
  2. jcster108

    Marques Brownlee ready …

  3. jcster108

    Videos: best look yet @ interior, folded-up backseat, tonneau cover, display screen UI, range meter

    Doesn't look like there would be much space in the back for legroom when seats folded back down?
  4. jcster108

    Frunk in the raw - best view yet?

    Feels like they f***in' with us by putting something that looks like an engine block in the frunk ... like, they're thinking in their heads, "let that mofo drone get a picture of this." LOL
  5. jcster108

    Cybertruck size comparison vs. Tesla Model X, Y, 3, S (lineup photo)!

    CT looks pretty small in comparison ... :-(
  6. jcster108

    Cybertruck in enclosed trailer w/ folded mirrors + tire size -- video

    Hmm .. why not just remove the side mirrors? ... UNLESS THEY AREN'T REMOVABLE?! :unsure:
  7. jcster108

    Round Steering Wheel hope? Seen in Cybertruck prototype video

    Weird enough to see the CT on its own, but when we start seeing multiple CTs together, our minds are going to explode along with the matrix we're in. LOL
  8. jcster108

    Petersen Museum Drops a Sick New Cybertruck Video!

    I feel like they chose the smallest framed person they could find to do this video ... because CT looks MASSIVE rn.
  9. jcster108

    I may not be able to buy a Cybertruck unless something changes. Anyone else?

    HODL and you'll be able to buy as many as you want by the time it delivers (y)
  10. jcster108

    Photos of Cybertruck at 2022 Shareholder Meeting (Cyber Roundup)

    Yup. The size/look/feel won't be "this" but something else. Which to be clear , isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just think people should understand this CT pictured in this thread isn't the CT we're getting on our driveway.