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  1. C T Rick

    67% of non-reservation holders surveyed say no to CT

    Correct, as a fashion statement. Not a Contractors work truck. Now if I keep my Sprinter and NV high roof vans and get rid of my Traverse awd suv, then I could work with the CT. But a 60% price hike is not in the cards. 20% ok. I'm still keeping my spot in line incase something changes or my...
  2. C T Rick

    Why two motor types in CyberBeast?

    What Cybergus didn't mention is he too was at the after party. He clearly must have bumped into the cybergirls , unless he was standing in the corner. What's cool was they were there for the party and passing out cybertruck pins. Notice who signed my pass? Rick
  3. C T Rick

    67% of non-reservation holders surveyed say no to CT

    Once again, how many are contractors that would use them to carry equipment and supplies? None? Rick
  4. C T Rick

    67% of non-reservation holders surveyed say no to CT

    With the large 60% price increse, I believe 20% conversion rate on the reservation holders would be good. Remember that $100. deposit brought people out of the woodworks. Had it been $1000. it would have weeded the field very quick. Personally, i would do the dual. unfortunaly, the truck is...
  5. C T Rick

    Why two motor types in CyberBeast?

    Are you sure about that. I was at the afterparty and met the Cyber Girls. So my question is, Are the Cyber Girls from Outer Space ? Or are the Cyber Girls Out of Space? Did you notice my Cowboy Hat and Cowboy Boots? Rick
  6. C T Rick

    Convince me to get the Cyberbeast...

    If the fridge had a Terry Black's BBQ dinner in it from last week in Austin, it would raise the value at least $74.39. Thanks Gus. When you visit LA, the BBQ is on me. Rick
  7. C T Rick

    Convince me to get the Cyberbeast...

    It's the same conversation I had with my Plus 4. Who after the live show plopped down $250. on the Beast. I told him the dual is a better value and no need for the 3 motor. But he thinks bigger is better. I'm sure the insurance rates will be much bigger too. I was a dual motor from 4 years...
  8. C T Rick

    Would Tesla lower price quicker if a bunch of cancellations happen?

    Everyone knew that the initial $100. Fully refundable deposit caused a feeding frenzy. I assumed that at most only 20% would follow through. Now of course the big price increase, less of the original 4 year reservation holder will stick around. It would be interesting to see the dropout...
  9. C T Rick

    Since the release all I can think about is the Cybertruck.

    Went to the show to get a closeup look. My issue as a contractor is the bed is too short and the sunken storage would be useless once a pull out toolbox is installed. Then of course the price increase on the $49.9 is now 80. I’ll keep my 100 in the que and see where I fall. Yes the truck...
  10. C T Rick

    Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $79,900?

    Was at a Christmas party last night. Several people knew I just got back from Austin and picked my mind. Unfortunately the 3 others that all have early reservations, are all on the same page. The price of the dual just jumped out of their range. 1 of the guys is going to cash in on the $1000...
  11. C T Rick

    Compressed air attachment in the truck bed

    Asked the product engineer at the assembly line. No air take offs . And honestly with a combination of 120/240 vac outlets, you could buy a $100 pancake compressor and run it as needed without voiding the original designed air for the suspension system. Rick
  12. C T Rick

    Hacking the range extender

    I too would sacrifice the underbed storage compartment as it's pretty useless once a pull out pack rat is installed on the bed. Even a flat pack slide in unit that might be 4-6" thick and you just loose height on the bed. But not the length, depth of storage. Is there anyway to feed power...
  13. C T Rick

    Cybertruck production rate reportedly 60 trucks an hour (as of 12/1/23)

    The difference was I was at the factory watching the different stages on the ground floor only. Each work cell process would have to be timed for pretty much the same cycle to keep the speed going. I just don't see each step being under 60 seconds. Of course we don't know what speed they had the...
  14. C T Rick

    Who wants to cut in line?

    I feel the same. The $100.00 is basically a lost nickle in interest. Let it Ride and lets see what the market will bear. I was a bit sticker shocked when the updated prices were posted. Not sure why it wasn't announced live unless it might have been a big turnoff and backfired. I know prices...
  15. C T Rick

    Cybertruck production rate reportedly 60 trucks an hour (as of 12/1/23)

    Personally I don't see 1 truck a minute rushing through the line. That would be like a pace of an automated carwash on high speed. Yes, it's mainly robotic, but robots don't rush precision. Rick
  16. C T Rick

    Man Arrested Before Delivery Event For His Threat.... Reason For "Rushed" Event?

    Glad he was taken into custody prior to the event. I felt safe the entire time in Texas and especially in and around the factory tour. The amout of Tesla employees that were on hand to host this event was incrediable. A Big thanks has to go out to the entire Tesla team for putting this...
  17. C T Rick

    Less expensive Cyber Truck Option

    For those on the fence about the current pricing and wait times, here's a CT clone that could probably be had for a fraction of the price. Even comes with 4 extra tires. Parked outside the Hilton across the highway from the Waffel House. Rick
  18. C T Rick

    Have any day 1 reservation holders received a final configuration request to officially purchase the Cybertruck?

    The CT production line was only in Demo Mode showing the process Cell x Cell. They definitely can crank them out if they run it at normal speed. Of course they need to QC the line step by step and the final product in the light tunnel before they move to the outside lots and onto the carriers...
  19. C T Rick

    Glass windows on Cybertruck strength tested with 2" ice ball @ 70mph (with passengers inside)

    Each CT comes with the Sledge-O-Matic hammer as used on the door panels. Franz let he hold it, but not swing it. He knew I would have wrecked it. Rick
  20. C T Rick

    Will FSD price at preorder be honored?

    I remember it at 5k and I passed. Rick