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  1. Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    My true gripe is the price. I put in a reservation for the Dual Motor and I'm sad to see how high the price went. Whether I'll still get it is tbd. Do I still want it? Very much. But that's a steep price. I'm satisfied with the features and specs, especially that they actually got over 300...
  2. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    They're listed respectively. Front seat with wireless charging, back seat with USB-C, and bed with 120V/240V outlets.
  3. First ever looks!! Startup light sweep sequence + height raise at startup [video]

    Looks badass. Was that in Seattle? The mall area looks familiar.
  4. Cybertruck showroom locations tracker (

    If Liberty Lake could get one before the 9th when I head to Spokane, that would be great 🙏🏾
  5. Cybertruck in Bellevue Washington showroom FINALLY!!!

    I'm hoping to Liberty Lake location gets I've because I live in that side of the state and often go to Spokane to see family. Fortunately I will be in/near Bellevue a couple times over the next few months. I really want to test drive.
  6. Cybertruck water capabilities? River crossing?

    If I remember correctly, Bearded Tesla Guy's video showed a gap between the bed and tailgate at the bottom. Unless they close/seal that gap in production, the bed would fill with water unfortunately.
  7. Cybertruck top speed acceleration from stop light! 🚀 Don't blink! 😳

    "Should we race it?" "It's a pro-to-type." 😂 I knew that truck would be fast but it's still a little crazy to see. Kinda like watching the giant Semi going 0-60.
  8. [Video added] Cybertruck black interior, dashboard, frunk tub (in bed) - while supercharging

    The Y is the first car I've owned with white interior and I think it looks nicer, so I decided to go for it after seeing how easily it can be cleaned. I have 3 kids (4, 6, 12) and have had no issues cleaning messes. Anything that a baby wipe can't get up, easily comes off with a horse hair...
  9. [Video added] Cybertruck black interior, dashboard, frunk tub (in bed) - while supercharging

    It's okay, the white cleans up easy. I'm a little bougie haha
  10. [Video added] Cybertruck black interior, dashboard, frunk tub (in bed) - while supercharging

    Somehow I completely forgot the white accents. Thank you. (Still hoping we get white seats too 🙌🏾)
  11. [Video added] Cybertruck black interior, dashboard, frunk tub (in bed) - while supercharging

    Haven't all the trucks so far had black interior? On that note, I really hope they offer white interior. It's one of my favorite things about my Y.
  12. HD Walkaround Video of Camo Beta Cybertruck!

    This video might have convinced me to get this wrap.
  13. Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    I already did haha. I just turned 30 this year. Weird to think it'll be over 4 years since the reveal that I'll be getting my truck (and who knows how much longer).
  14. Going to the Peterson next week. So excited to see a CT in person

    I'll be there next week, I'm so excited. I'm dying to see the Delorean too.
  15. Eight Foot Bed on Cybertruck

    I really wish the Avalanche was more popular. I owned a 2008 Avalanche and to date it is still my favorite vehicle I've owned. Personally I think it looked great, but unfortunately it didn't tow or haul as much as a Silverado from my memory. In my opinion, given it was based on the Suburban and...
  16. Purchase Sight Unseen...?

    I'd like to say I'll purchase sight unseen, but I doubt it. That's a lot of money to spend not knowing how the seats feel, how comfortable it is to drive, how the views are, etc.
  17. Cybertruck Interior: Tough or Fancy?

    I voted luxury. Luxury probably isn't the word for what I want, but I want comfort and features. I test drove the 2019 Ram when I was looking to trade in my Avalanche and the Ram was the nicest truck interior I've ever sat in.
  18. Couple Features For Consideration

    I agree with this. I have Android Auto (not wireless unfortunately) in my Trax and I love being able to control YouTube Music and whatever other apps I want to use directly on the screen. Safer and more convenient than picking up my phone. I miss it everytime I drive my wife's Explorer, which...
  19. Model S features to Cybertruck?

    I'd like to see the Cybertruck get all the new features except the yoke. Please offer a standard wheel.