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  1. Massachusetts

    seriously! Now I guess I gotta get into the city. Doubt they'll ship one to Peabody any time soon :(
  2. Massachusetts

    I've watched a few videos now and it does appear to be a truly amazing vehicle. I'm hoping when I get the call insurance will be offered here. I don't know when it supposed to come here, but that would certainly be cheaper than current insurers that don't know how to value accidents and...
  3. Purchase Price and Insurance Sticker Shock

    We're all in sticker shock over the $80k dual motor, which I'll have to "settle" for vs the tri-motor. I guess one positive here is 4 years ago at the unveil the range increased with additional motors. Now the dual motor has better range than the tri, so there's that. But I want FSD, and I...
  4. Would Tesla lower price quicker if a bunch of cancellations happen?

    I think Tesla and the Technoking wouldn't price it based on reservations, and if 75% of reservations cancel that's still 2 years at volume production, probably 3 years including ramp-up time through most of 2024. Then there's the converts that want to buy without reservations. My hope is in...
  5. Cybertruck wallpaper from Franz

    So it looks like a real photo, and when you look at it on Google Tesla wasn't the first to cross it. They need a pic/vid on water LandRover can't go
  6. Massachusetts

    great analysis. So did seeing it in person re-excite or disappoint you? All the review videos I've watched now rave about it, except for basically price, pass-through window, and built-in lift gate. the other thing we really don't know is when we realistically get "the call" it will most...
  7. Cybertruck: Autobot or Decepticon

    That's dedication! I'd start with a decal 🤣
  8. It seems like employee deliveries are happening now

    is it me or do the CTs on the delivery truck look super dirty? There was a post (or article 🤷‍♂️) claiming CT would be a fingerprint magnet. Looks like they might be right. car wrap here we come!
  9. New videos of Cybertruck on public roads, including brake light bar in action

    I can't wait to see the aftermarket stuff people come out with. Front, top, and back light strips, and maybe someone will duplicate/improve the "shovel rack" in the back Elon showed at the last groundbreaking
  10. Robotaxi Cybertruck fleet with Income Generation Purpose?

    robotaxi would be interesting, but my first practical concern after FSD is fully mature (and insurance is clear) is the charging process. Are we expecting the person that rents the CT to charge it? We can't rely on that. I can't see Tesla stationing an employee at charging stations to plug...
  11. Solid State Battery Hype Train

    The answer is obvious! Toyota's answer when SS will be mass producible is the same as Elon's answer to FSD. They'll both be ready "this year" 🤣
  12. 🚨 Rivian Adopts Tesla NACS Standard!

    Yeah, the safety of their system was a red flag for me too. Tesla chargers may be slower but I expect over the next couple years we’ll hear about more issues with higher V systems.
  13. 🚨 Rivian Adopts Tesla NACS Standard!

    Hyundai said they're evaluating TSLA superchargers as well, but are concerned Tesla can't support their 800v architecture. The dominos are falling!
  14. Ford/GM/Superchargers... the ELEPHANT in the room......

    I read with Ford and now GM joining Tesla qualifies for a good amount of federal grant money, hopefully to expand the supercharger network and add more drive through stalls.
  15. This is why Cybertruck and Supercharger network will win... Rivian burns down charging at Electrify America

    I guess whether it's Rivian or EA doesn't matter at all as long as you're forced to use someone else's network while away from home the risk will always be there. I wonder, coming from an ICE driver, how many Tesla drivers out there have to use non-tesla charging stations? I'm sure it's not...
  16. Charging with trailer

    That's cool they're building them. Hopefully there's enough of them around the country when trailer pulling CT owners need them...
  17. Charging with trailer

    Yeah, it could work if you take days in between. And I like the idea of pass-through electricity. Another also is just find a 3 prong splitter. I’m sure they could share. But it’s really not good when you need to disconnect the trailer for a charge
  18. Charging with trailer

    I wonder if tsla would make like a 25’ extension so you can park nearby. It’d have to be rated to be driven over
  19. Charging with trailer

    I’m sure this is also a problem for Rivian and will be for everyone, but are we going to need to disconnect anything we pull everything time we charge the CT, especially considering you back in to charge. I imagine for S3XY cars pulling something now you need to do the same, but they typically...